Salesforce Apex Programming tutorial with practise exam

Learn Salesforce Apex programming and clear developer 1 certification in first attempt


You will learn the following in detail in the salesforce apex  and be able to take the Platform developer 1 certification

IT also contains 2 mock exams. It is used to test your knowledge and give you a feeling of what the real exam is like. The exam contains 60 scored multiple choice questions, and you will need a score of at least 65% to pass the actual exam. This mock exam does not contain the real exam questions, but they will be very similar. If you feel you are ready, take this exam without looking at the solutions. If you get a score of 80% or above on this one, you can be sure you are ready to take the actual exam, and you will have a really good chance of passing

(Note:Prior knowledge of object oriented programming language like JAVA and completed for salesforce admin course is preferred for students enrolling for this course)

Certification aid salesforce practise exam with 65 questions.

Learn To build apex classes(controllers),REST and SOAP APIS,Testing the endpoints with Postman

Generate WSDL

Learn to write triggers in salesforce

Expose Apex classes as rest and soap api and invoke http callouts and build asynchronous class

Build custom UI using Visualforce and write testclasses

Development tools

             Developer console

             Force ide for eclipse   

             Salesforce editor

Basics of programming in apex syntax




              Looping Statement

              Controlling Statement

              Apex Class



Basics of Salesforce programming

                Data Types in Salesforce





              Debug process and methodology

Query Language

               Intro to SOQL

              Query formation in SOQL

              Intro to SOSL           

             Query formation in SOSL

              DML statements in Salesforce(APEX+SOQL)           

               Relationship query

               SFDC Data storage

Building logic through programming     

              Triggers in Salesforce

              Invoking apex classes from Triggers

              DML Statements

              Insert statement

              Update Statement

              Delete Statement

              Best Practices Triggers -Looping through sobjects

              Governor Limits

              Understanding Trigger Context Variables in Salesforce

              Trigger New


              Trigger New Vs Trigger.Old

              Trigger NewMap Vs Trigger.OldMap

              Triggers and recursion

              Order of execution

              Trigger framework,seperation of concerts

              Database Class usage

              Exception Handling

              Types of exceptions

              Transcaction control using Database class 

              Detailed record level logging-Database.saveresult

              System class

              Using the debug logs

Deployment concepts

             TEst class concepts

             Test.start test stop test

             How to get 75% code coverage

             Why we need code coverage

UI Framework Visualforce

               Understand the Visualforce framework

               Use expressions to bind data and actions on a page to a controller

              Understand the concepts behind controllers, including their functionality and capabilities

               Create custom controllers and standard controller extensions to incorporate new data and actions into a page

               Understand the security implications of using custom vs. standard controllers.

               Visualforce tags

               Building various types of forms and controls using the VF tags

               Sobject data save/edit

               Passing data/params between VF and controllers

               AJAX usage in VF

               VF and JS remoting in VF pages

               Using SLDS styling in visualforce

Integration with Apex

               Integration with Apex

               Create Apex web services and callouts to external web services.

               HTTP Callouts / 3rd Party Integrations

               SOAP webservice inbound WSDL API for 3rd Party Integration Basics

               Rest webservices inbound  


              Asynchronous apex


              Sending/Parsing emails using Apex

Make sure you have a salesforce login and also practise on salesforce

You can give certification in  salesforce platform developer certification.

you will need salesforce developer login to work on developer org .Salesforce developer jobs are in high demand

The Complete TutorialsPoint course unofficial Salesforce Development Course and Salesforce full stack development with Apex and Lightning. The only course you need to become a Salesforce Developer and by learning handson in this tutorial.


  • Salesforce Development Training :Apex , triggers, batch, rest api ,soap api, asynchronous class

  • Salesforce Apex and Lightning. The only course you need to become a Salesforce Dev

  • Salesforce Apex Trigger and Trigger Design Pattern


  • Prior knowledge of Salesforce Administration and Configuration is required.
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  • Introduction to SOQL
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Salesforce Apex Programming tutorial with practise exam
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