Review of the New Google’s Pixel

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Google’s recent attempt to beat Apple at its core, might end up hurting its own Android partner, Samsung, especially in the Indian market.

On Tuesday, Oct 14th Alphabet Inc’s Google at an event, has made an announcement about its launch of new “Pixel” smart-phone. Its latest effort is to target consumers to buy its Google branded device and to challenge the iPhone, most powerful personal device of world from Apple, at the high end of $400 billion global market.

Rick Osterloh, Google hardware chief, has revealed few details about “Pixel” smart-phone after the event launch. He added, this smartphone has the best camera and you can have 7-hour battery charge in a mere 15 minutes of charging.

The above phones would be available in blue, black and silver and its screen size would be 5 and 5.5 inch.

What’s New?

You would receive your own virtual assistant, as there would be a merger of hardware, software and artificial intelligence.

You will also have a new family member. It can be your co-worker or your best friend or your helper. And it will help, altering your ego, still there is no name for her in particular, but for the time being you can call it OK Google. And very soon, it would appear in a set of phones, which go by the name of Pixel, she would proceed to make her way to a world of devices. You might have already met her in Google Allo, the messenger app, which was recently launched, but now, it has gained a voice, which has helped her the right to jump into your phone.

The Pixel phone, on Google photos, will have unlimited storage, you can store your memories in original resolution. Google’s Android partner, Samsung would face stiff competition, that is not a good news. But the good news is, Google at the moment is taking the limelight and has started getting into relationship with distribution, carriers and so on.

Google has scheduled its latest new pixel phone for pre-booking starting this month from October 13th onwards. The price tag it has quoted is Rs.57000. In India, Apple has been a dominant player, it commands the premium handset market in our nation.

Many experts are of the opinion that, it would not be the iPhone market share, which will get hit, in our nation, but unfortunately Google’s own Android partners like Samsung.

Lead analyst, Telecoms Practice at CMR, Faisal Kawoosa has said that, he strongly believes, it would be very difficult to pull anyone from an iPhone to an Android, no matter whether it has premium finish and specs. He stressed that, It would definitely would not have an impact on the iPhone. But it would however impact Samsung, Sony and Blackberry.

The Blackberry has made an exit from the mobile handset market and Sony is also struggling hard to sell its high-end phones. And Samsung is an only Android player, losing out to Google Pixel phones.

Galaxy Note 7

Kawoosa said, in India, Samsung has nearing to 96% of the market share for the high-end mobile whose price range is between Rs.55,000 to Rs.65000, Hence, it is the only player which would be affected much, by launching Android.

Samsung has been experiencing rough weather because it has recalled millions of Galaxy note7 devices, after the number of cases has been reported that they were exploding and also they were banned on most airlines.

Another big worry for Google’s partner is, in the pixel phones, there has been Google’s seamless hardware-software integration. This feature is expected to result in getting an iPhone like experience to Android for the very first time.

We find unlike Pixel, which does not offer enough confidence among its partners, Google’s Nexus phone were co-branded. Sanchit Gogia, CEO, Greyhound Research has said, that Google was earlier prioritizing OS updates to its partners, but that practice would not continue.

Also, due to seamless hardware-software integration, which Apple has gained a reputation, a Samsung phone having same hardware and OS as pixel phone, it would not provide the similar experience which Pixel would be able to offer. Thus, it would be a big threat to any Android partner, he added.

During the launch of Pixel, a major worry for consumers was that of privacy. The center stage set for the launch of the device was not for its software or its hardware, but the highlight was Artificial Intelligence Platform, Google Assistant.

The new tool is similar to Apple’s Siri, it would be able to listen to all your conversation and offer suggestions even before you begin asking for anything else. For advertising purposes, Google has been already scanning emails of its consumers. Definitely, there is no reason to believe, that it would not use its consumers everyday conversations for advertisement.

Updated on 17-Jan-2020 12:33:08