Reduce Chronic Pain

A 3 Step Approach to Reducing Chronic Pain


Do you struggle with chronic pain?

Are you losing your social life, struggling in your career, having problems in your relationships because of chronic pain?

Do you have to find a new sport or hobby due to your struggles with chronic pain?

Are you overwhelmed with information and are not sure where to even begin to try to lessen your pain levels?

Do you have so many thoughts whirling in your head all the time, so many worries that you can't tend to, and you are now completely exhausted? 

Do you know where to look in your life for why your chronic pain continues?

Welcome to my course: Reduce Chronic Pain! This method involves 3 steps you can begin now. 

I understand how difficult life can be with chronic pain. I suffered with chronic pain for many years. I am also a multiple brain injury survivor with numerous medical conditions so it got really complicated to try to improve anything while in so much pain. 

I spent many years trying to lessen my pain, I tried everything! I attended numerous courses, groups, and rehabilitative exercise programs, I went to a Chronic Pain Clinic. Eventually, I found a method that helped me reduce my pain levels significantly.  I had some major breakthroughs and created this course so I can share my method with others. 

I found what worked for me and what didn't. This course gives you the tools to find what will work for you. 

I hope you enjoy it and find something inside that works well for you. 


  • To understand the connection between the brain and pain
  • To learn the 3 step method to reducing pain contained in this course
  • To learn and understand pacing
  • To learn how to track daily living and find ways to reduce the impact of daily living on the brain and pain
  • To review pacing examples to thoroughly understand the concept
  • To learn how to make a list of areas in our life that pain impacts and to begin to remove some items off our list


  • This is a general knowledge course. There are no prerequisites.
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Reduce Chronic Pain
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