React + Spring Boot Microservices and Spring

Spring Boot, React, Intellij, Java, Mysql, Liquibase, MVC, CRUD, JWT, Full Stack Development, JWT (Json Web Token)

  Senol Atac

   Development, Web Development, React

  Language - English

   Published on 10/2019



In this course, we will implement Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Step by Step. In addition, to test our application, we will implement Front-End Client Side with React. Our application will be online course enrollment system. We will implement to this application step by step... In this application, we will also learn a lot of new tecknologies like:

- Spring Security

- Spring Boot: It will provide simpler and faster way to set up, configure, and run rest API applications with Spring boot, Model View Controller structure will be implemented.

- Data will be presented to client as API call so Spring Rest Controller will be used to handle it.


- We will map our database tables to objects with hibernate. so we will provide object relational mapping with hibernate.

- For database migration, we will use Liquibase. In liquibase, we will define our database changes and spring will handle it on initialization.

- Eureka Discovery: to connect to other services.

- Spring Zuul Gateway: gate for microservices.

- React: User Interface for microservices.

Who this course is for:

  • All Java developers curious about Microservices

What Will I Get ?

  • Full Stack Development With Spring Boot And React
  • Spring Eureka And Spring Zuul
  • Spring Boot Microservices


  • Basic Java And JavaScript Knowledge
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React + Spring Boot Microservices and Spring
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