React Full Stack Web Development With Spring Boot

Spring Boot, React, Intellij, Java, Mysql, Liquibase, MVC, CRUD, JWT, Full Stack Development, JWT (Json Web Token)

  Senol Atac

   Development, Web Development, React

  Language - English

   Published on 10/2019



In this course, we will implement example project step by step with using Spring Boot and React. We will create a product management system. And products can be seen and bought by users.

There will be two roles of users. Admin and User.

So we will also go on with role based authentication. To imlement it, we will use Json Web Token (JWT).

To secure login, authentication and authorization, we will use Spring security.

We will go on with two main components. These are client side and server side.

On client side, we will implement example react project.

   - Admin Panel and user operations will be implemented.

On server side, we will implement example spring boot project.

   - Model view controller will be implemented.

   - Liquibase will be implemented for database changesets.

   - Mysql will be used for Database.

   - Json Web Token will be used for role based authentication.

Our examle project will be product management system.

Who this course is for:

  • All developers curious about React and Spring Boot

What Will I Get ?

  • Full Stack Development
  • React, React Architecture, Example React Implementation
  • Spring Boot, String Boot Model View Controller Structure
  • Liquibase Example Cases


  • Basic Java Knowledge
  • Basic Javascript Knowledge
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React Full Stack Web Development With Spring Boot
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