React for Absolute Beginners

The complete guide to professional app development in React.

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   Published on 10/2019



Are you looking for the complete interactive online course for learning React? Are you looking for the React online course which just not only covers the fundamentals but also explains the actual coding process? Are you interested in knowing the exact working of React? If yes, then this course is designed just for you!!

Undoubtedly, React has simplified the overall process of designing UI’s and has also made comparably a lot easier to build complete real-time and dynamic projects. Basically, it is changing the way of building the applications and websites and these are the few reasons which make it popular among front-end developers.

For this, we have created this complete and interactive online course on React which anyone can begin with.

Why you should take this course?

This course was created with the aim of an interactive approach so that the students can understand and grasp the concepts more easily. It is not an online tutorial filled with boring theory lectures but a more hands-on approach. It will not only teach you about React but also you’ll see how to use it in action.

Here all the complicated concepts of React which often students find scary is simplified so that everyone can understand easily. It unfolds with the basic definitions, JSX, Core Components, Looping, Bug fixing, Props, Libraries, Redux and so much more. Moreover, it is also packed with various quizzes and examples for more thorough learning of React. Upon completion, you’ll have a more sound knowledge of all the essentials of React.

React is constantly becoming popular among developers and if you want to become the next React expert, then don’t hesitate and begin with this complete and interactive online course on React today!!

What Will I Get ?

  • React and its core components introduction
  • JSX introduction
  • Build your very first component
  • Event looping & bug fixing
  • State & Props
  • Data, Libraries and APIs introduction
  • Other essential concepts like Redux, Actions, Reducers, etc.
  • Building your own app


  • Basic knowledge of HTML & JavaScript is required to complete the course
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React for Absolute Beginners
This Course Includes :

4.5 hours

40 Lectures

Lifetime Access

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