React and Redux: Learn By Building Real World Projects

Complete React and Redux with hands on app development

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Stephen Geluso and Joshua Evans having 15 years of Full-Stack Development has created thin online learning tutorial on React and Redux. With the simple idea of making you learn React & Redux in the most practical way possible, this online course is a perfect to acquire, test and master your React & Redux skills.

Why you should choose this course?

This online tutorial is one of the best ways to understand React & Redux by building different real-world projects. Initially, its basic introduction gives you the brief understanding of all essentials such as different tools, components, fetch requests for API, store actions and reducers, React Router, preventing errors and other important things. At the end, upon completion, you will also receive the certificate of completion for the same.

Moreover, the instructors will always be there for all your queries which may arise during this course. Also the course will be updated on the regular basis for improving the React & Redux content.

So, grab this online course TODAY and explore the best way to learn React and Redux!


  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required to complete the course

What Will I Get ?

  • Components, Props & Clicks
  • Lists & Parcel Build Tool
  • Fetch Requests
  • React Router Components
  • Redux

Course Content

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