What is the difference between Jira and ZenTao?

I found a free Scrum tool online, ZenTao. Has anyone used it? What is the difference between Jira and ZenTao. It is true that ZenTao is more affordable. How about its features.

What's the best way to do this? VBA, etc

I want to do is to calculate average overdraft days for last 4 recent months, so for feb and mar, there is combined of days,which i want to keep to use for average but remove months associated with combined (or else avg will be calculated incorrectly), so i need help with a code that will loop through each Fund_ID(remove the duplicates),return the 4 most recent bank name along with the asso.....

Query about android databases

If you want to program a social networking application for Android, any database is used in this case Can I rely on firebase-sqlLite as databases to store huge data or is there another database Thank you in advance for helping me

Open New Tab in Visual CSharp

what is the coding to open new tab ,if i drag and drop 'tab control' in visual c#... please help thank you

Can someone explain "what is line ending translation in file io ?

While working on Linux on file input output stream , I have heard the  issue of  line ending translation, what is that ..? This issue causes problem in case of portability of our code on other os.   Due to this we are advised to use c libraries file io  . .. what is that issue . . ? Can someone satisfy me...

About audio capture/Recording

Does the saved recording goes into the sd card or internal storage? also how to save recorded data into cloud files?

What are Governing Limits in Salesforce?

In Batch Apex class,  What are Governing Limits that we follow in Salesforce? and name some governing limits in salesforce?
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