seetha, asked 2d 15h ago

How to change the look of Python operators?

Can we change the look of Python operators? 
vennam, asked on 11th Apr, 2018

best languages to know for mobile application development

 I want  to know best languages  for mobile application development .... both android and IOS please anyone can help me
Jennifer Nicholas, asked on 11th Apr, 2018

Handling Errors in HTML5 Web Workers

How can I handle errors in Web Workers in HTML5? I want to log errors to the console.
Chandu yadav, asked on 6th Apr, 2018

Alternatives to HTML5 iframe srcdoc?

Is there any alternative available for iframe srcdoc attribute in HTML5?
Jennifer Nicholas, asked on 6th Apr, 2018

Do any browsers yet support HTML5's checkValidity() method?

Which web browsers support the HTML5 checkValidity() method and how can I work with it efficiently.
LMalhar, asked on 5th Mar, 2018

Why are numbers represented as objects in python?

Why are numbers represented as objects in python?                                      
V Jyothi, asked on 26th Feb, 2018

What is the role of brackets ([ ]) in JavaScript Regular Expressions?

What is the usage of brackets in JavaScript RegExp? Why it is used and which all forms of it are considered? An example stating its usage would work great in helping me in understanding it.
Vrundesha Joshi, asked on 5th Feb, 2018

How do you write a method in Java that can print object in array?

How we print Objects in an array?
Rahul Sharma, asked on 5th Feb, 2018

Creating a memory leak in Java

Java has automatic memory management. Is it still possible that a memory leak happens in Java program?
Priya Pallavi, asked on 8th Jan, 2018

How to trigger event in JavaScript?

How can I trigger event in JavaScript? With JavaScript, I want to fire an event on click of a button: ,
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