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How to manage desktop notifications on YouTube?

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 29-Nov-2022 07:37:15
A notification is a small piece of information that is delivered to your device. A sound is usually present with it. This sort of notification can be received by any browser, no matter which one you use. Many sites, including YouTube, utilize this technique to keep in touch with their users. When new videos and updates from your favourite channels, as well as other material, are available, YouTube's notifications notify you. YouTube will send you alerts for channels you follow as well as alerts based on your preferences. You may modify or deactivate your alerts, as well as view ... Read More

Tips for picking the best YouTube handle name

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 29-Nov-2022 07:35:49
YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine, and with the help of the latest updates about YouTube Handle, it is certain to grow its audience and users. YouTube handles are sure to bring change to the creators as well as all their users, making it simple to locate those who are favoured by the content. On the other hand, the introduction of YouTube handles is certain to reduce the risk and fraud on the platform. This will increase the security of the platform and eliminate comments and interactions with bots and dodgers. Getting noticed on popular platforms like YouTube ... Read More

How to choose your YouTube handle

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 29-Nov-2022 07:35:13
YouTube recently unveiled new user profile features, including handles. Handles, indicated by an @ sign in front of a name or nickname, can be used to create an identity and provide a way for people to voice their opinions. A YouTube Handle will be a unique identifier for your channel, appearing in the form “@yourhandle."The @ symbol is used in YouTube Handles to separate the username from the rest of a channel's name. Every channel can choose a unique handle. The handle will appear in “@yourhandle” format. If you have received an email from YouTube saying that it is ... Read More

How can YouTube handle boost your channel growth

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 29-Nov-2022 07:34:01
YouTube Handles let you set up a distinctive image on YouTube. While there may be hundreds of other names for the same channel, YouTube Handles makes it possible for you to create an exclusive name that will be exclusive to you. Like Instagram and Twitter no one else can use the name again after it has been distributed. As explained by YouTube − “Handles are a new unique identifier (example @youtubecreators) & All YouTube channels will have one. Your unique @handle will help people find & interact with you & your YouTube channel. And because handles are unique (unlike ... Read More

What are YouTube handles

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 29-Nov-2022 07:33:15
The YouTube video-sharing website has more than 2 billion users. It regularly updates its algorithm and features to help the creators grow. On 10th Oct 2022, YouTube provided the details about the update related to the YouTube handle. The handle “@name” will soon appear on your YouTube profile, just like it does on Twitter and TikTok. With the new rolling update, small businesses and content creators can expand their audiences by increasing their reach. According to YouTube “For many creators, YouTube is not just a place to upload and comment on videos, it is a community and home ... Read More

How to delete share and download a YouTube playlist

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 29-Nov-2022 07:02:40
A playlist in YouTube is a collection of related videos that users can browse and add to their watchlists. Playlists can be created and managed by YouTube users, or automatically generated based on certain criteria. A playlist's name is also used as a label for related videos in the YouTube interface. In February 2018, Google announced that it would start using playlists to organize all its content across both desktop and mobile devices, including search results and YouTube channels. YouTube playlist has lots of content you can enjoy on your devices, but you get the best experience when it ... Read More

How to view video transcript on YouTube Mobile App?

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 29-Nov-2022 07:01:42
Over 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube, which is the world's biggest video-sharing platform. YouTube is a video sharing site where anyone can upload or view videos. Videos of all types are available, including music videos and educational clips. Most users simply post what they are watching as-is without providing anything additional or annotation. But in some cases, people choose to add annotations to their videos for others who may be interested in checking out the content but do not have time to watch the entire thing right then and there. The textual representation of spoken material ... Read More

How to do Live streaming on YouTube?

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 29-Nov-2022 07:01:03
As I began to write this article, it is the golden month of September and I just finished my first experience of live streaming on YouTube, I thought it to be difficult. But I was wrong, it is such an easy process. You only need the determination to do it and I know this dedication is the trait of every reader. Today, people from all around the world come to YouTube to experience the world's biggest video platform for a variety of purposes. As I told you, I just finished live streaming on my channel hence, I will like to ... Read More

How to turn off YouTube comments in YouTube Mobile app?

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 29-Nov-2022 06:57:50
Starting a YouTube channel is exciting, but can also be scary sometimes. Receiving positive comments on the video is pleasant, it is a wonderful feeling when subscribers comment on your videos. A message of support can make a creator's day. But not all YouTube viewers are nice, every creator has fear of receiving negative ones as well. Some comments are disrespectful for no apparent reason. YouTube allows users to add comments to videos to share feedback so that creators can improve. While it is a reality that not everyone will like your content, and no one wants to deal ... Read More

How to enable live chat in live streaming on YouTube?

Prachi Gupta
Updated on 29-Nov-2022 06:56:47
Live streaming is a feature on YouTube that allows you to watch videos live as they are being recorded. When you are watching a live stream, the video will start playing as soon as it is recorded, and will not buffer like normal videos. YouTube Live is a live streaming feature offered by YouTube that enables creators to connect with their viewers in real time via video and chat. It is like a traditional chatroom, but with the added feature of being able to chat with other viewers and send emojis on a real-time basis. One of the best things ... Read More
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