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The Power of Soft Skills!!

Samual Sam
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 08:21:23
Soft Skills can be defined as “personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people”. This skill is indeed, one of those rare intangible abilities that can make a difference between success or failure. In this article, we will discuss the significance of soft skills and how it helps you to succeed.We are well aware that, one needs to sharpen technical skills to get employment. While professional and technical skills might get you a job and open the opportunities, Soft skills will provide the needed icing on the cake if you really wish to succeed in ... Read More

The Number Game Behind: ISO 9000 Series

Samual Sam
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 08:18:48
Often we read that a company is an ISO 9001:2000 certified. Some say they are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Even nowadays, we are watching the companies writing the statement, ISO 9001:2015 certified. After reading these tag lines, it is easy to assume that, ISO 9001 remains the same but the number after that keeps on changing. So, what does this changing numbers after the colons denote in ISO 9000 series?The answer to this question is, that these are the different versions of the standard and the year in which the version is released is mentioned after the standard number, i.e. ISO ... Read More

The New Smartphone Battery that Recharges in Just 30 Seconds

Samual Sam
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 08:16:15
Smartphones are like Oxygen of the modern day communication. It is hard to think about 21st century without smartphones. However, one thing that has not kept pace with the increasing usage of smartphones is the smartphone battery.We all know that recharging the smartphone battery is a clumsy and time-consuming process. For people on the go, recharging the smartphone battery is a headache. However, thanks to a new technology called Quantum Dot, an Israeli company called StoreDot, has made a new smartphone battery that recharges in 30 seconds flat.We will understand how the discharging and recharging happens in a normal battery ... Read More

The Most Influential Leaders of Our Time

Samual Sam
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 08:14:56
Influence is a very powerful effect that plays a crucial role to guide our actions and development and when an individual affect the behavior of the masses, it becomes essential to know who exactly this person is? Where does he belong to? And how and why this person is called the most influential personality in the world? From five diverse walks of life across the world, we have chosen personalities whose influence is the most significant on all of us and in their leadership, the world will certainly see the new colors of change in the scenario that what we ... Read More

The Linux Job Market

Samual Sam
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 08:08:42
A career in Linux technology has always been extremely rewarding for many and seems to be evergreen and recession proof. In case you are having an idea of pursuing a course in Linux, then you can be sure that the demand for Linux certified professionals will zoom up in the near future which is sufficient and stable.The Linux job market is very hot right now, particularly for those with system administration skills. Everybody is looking for Linux talent. Recruiters are knocking down the doors of anybody with Linux experience as the demand for Linux professionals is increasing day by day. ... Read More

The Future of Cloud Computing

Samual Sam
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 08:07:39
The revolution of computing started in the early 2000’s. There are multiple reasons for such revolution of computing. As the population got increased, the demand for computing also got increased. As the demand increased, computers reached people much closer than before. The revolution started with large room-sized machines to hand size devices. A lot of technologies played a crucial role in this revolution. One such important technology was the Internet. Many things divided the entire globe. However, internet united the entire globe under a single roof. The role of Internet in computing is very important since computing is getting shifted ... Read More

The fascinating world of Ferrofluids

Samual Sam
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 08:11:13
What is this?You have just seen a slippery oily magnetic fluid called Ferrofluid. Though the working principles and material compositions are complicated, the basics are very simple. Tiny nanoscale ferromagnetic particles are suspended in oil or water. Each particle is coated with a surfactant to inhibit clumping. A surfactant is a substance that lowers the surface tension between liquids or between liquid and a solid. Ferrofluids usually do not retain magnetization in the absence a magnet or a magnetic field.Steve Papell of NASA developed the fluid in the 1960’s in response to the need for moving fuel in space where ... Read More

The Electricity-Free Air Conditioner Which Saves Money

Samual Sam
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 08:01:49
Many people love summers but most hate the heat. Therefore, air conditioners have been one of the most favourite electrical appliances in the dog days of summer. Nonetheless, air conditioners consume enough electricity and manufacturers have been fiercely fighting to diminish the electricity consumption of air conditioners.If you notice carefully, you’d find many air conditioner advertisements that focus on low electricity consumption. It is important because saving energy is not only important for environmental sustainability, but electrical appliances also need to be light on the pocket.Now, if we say air conditioners can run without electricity too, will you be impressed? ... Read More

The best and the cheapest 360 degree cameras

Samual Sam
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 08:00:18
In a world where big-screen devices are all the craze, how about getting a camera that comfortably fits one’s palms, and yet manages to click pictures large enough to give even the widest screens in the world a run for their money? Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking of 360-degree cameras that- as per their names- can take a 360-degree view snapshot.Ricoh Theta- $399The feature about Ricoh Theta that immediately arrests your attention has, interestingly, got to do with not the specifications but the price. Keeping in mind what this camera can do, it comes at a jaw-dropping ... Read More

Tesla: Changing the Fossil Fuel Economy for a Cleaner Planet

Samual Sam
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 07:52:36
To provide energy for nearly 7.2 billion people on earth itself is a huge task, and most of the energy needs today is met through the use of fossil fuels. The International energy agency estimated that in 2012, the world energy consumption was 13, 371 Mtoe , or 5.6 × 1020 joules. Oil is still the primary source of energy. However, during the period of 2000–2012, coal was the source of energy with the largest growth in terms of usage. The use of other fossil fuels and electricity followed that trend.We can see the disadvantages of using too much fossil ... Read More
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