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ISO It’s time for an Upgrade

Samual Sam
Updated on 22-Jan-2020 07:40:03
ISO standards and certifications are in the market since few decades now. They have made a significant impact on the industries and has created their own stand. They are now a synonym for an effective Quality-measuring tool. With due course of time, the ISO standards have been improved and are in accord with the current trends. High-LevelStructure of ISO has seen a complete revamp to accommodate the need for an Integrated Management System (IMS).Need for IMSAn organization usually opts for more than one certification, due to need to remain in the competition and for better business opportunities. It was observed ... Read More

ISO The Buzzing Word

Samual Sam
Updated on 14-Jul-2020 12:27:23
Around the industry, everyone is talking about attaining and acquiring ISO standards for their Organizations. ISO has grabbed the market very fast and has become a quality measurement parameter. However, what exactly is ISO and what is the process of attaining this certification?To understand this more effectively, let us first understand what is Quality. Quality can be implied as a measure of degree of excellence. With better quality comes better service and value for money. Quality can mean different things to different people. For some people, Quality can mean doing the right job at the right time, for some Quality ... Read More

Key Technology Trends in 2017

Samual Sam
Updated on 22-Jan-2020 07:35:21
Every year the growth rate of information and technology sector is in the faster phase. 2016 was one of the major accelerators for the growth of the sector. There were few challenges for the companies with existing technologies and upcoming technologies. Beyond the challenges, few technologies remained at the top and will continue to be in the top list in the upcoming year 2017 too. Let’s see what are the technologies which are going to be the boom in the year 2017 and what are the changes which are going to happen in the existing technology.Cloud ComputingFor the past 5+ ... Read More

Know Your Project Contract Before Signing

Samual Sam
Updated on 14-Jul-2020 12:30:36
Depending upon the nature of business, it is often seen that many organizations outsource some portions of their work to a third party vendor instead of doing on its own. And to define a clear working procedure between the two parties they agree to sign a contract, which is a legal agreement between your organization and the service provider or vendor, where both the parties are bound to abide the terms and conditions stated in the contract.A contract is a mutually agreed legal document where one party is the service provider i.e. seller and the other one is the receiver ... Read More

Laptop Updates For The Month of January 2016

Samual Sam
Updated on 22-Jan-2020 07:23:11
January 2016 has seen a lot of releases in the laptop arena that left the markets not only surprised but also crowded. Some of them have been setting new trends, while others are retaining the sales in the market. All in all, let us have a look at some of the best devices that are being listed in the trending gadgets currently.Asus Zenbook UX305 – Budget Friendly ?Weighing only 1.2Kg, it is easy to carry anywhere you go, and will never feel the burden. Lightweight always is seen along with a lot ofLightweight always is seen along with a lot ... Read More

How PMO Guides A Project To Success?

Samual Sam
Updated on 22-Jan-2020 06:58:50
Managing a project starts from initiation phase to closure and finally delivering the expected value. However, the real tough job lies in the end part for where many projects leads fail across the organizations.There can be many factors why projects fail but few major ones are Scheduling, Costing, Scoping, Quality. It might be due to some other reasons like poor planning or inaccurate project estimation. Ultimately, the project may eventually fail to deliver the expected value to the end customer leaving a bitter relationship as well as damaging the company’s brand value.How about getting a helping hand while doing the ... Read More

The Story of WhatsApp

Samual Sam
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 09:48:49
Whatsapp – “how did it all begin?” I remember when WhatsApp was in a corner on my Blackberry but without any notifications, I would use it for the people who did not have BBM. And now, BBM sits in a forgotten corner in my mobile. Here comes the story behind the scenesThe Story of WhatsAppJan Kuom had a dream of building the perfect app that doesn’t require asking for personal information and Jan, a simple guy who lived with his mother and grandmother in a small apartment, supported himself and entered into university and met his business partner, Brian Acton ... Read More

Mobile Updates of the Week 37

Samual Sam
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 09:38:14
Nokia C1Whenever the nostalgic folk of the early 2000’s fondly remember their first tryst with mobile phones, the name "Nokia" prominently features on their lips. People still view the-then immensely popular mobile phone company through a romantic lens and sing paeans over its seemingly-inexhaustible battery life and robustness. In fact, there’s still a joke around where a guy asks a Nokia-dealer- "If I were to drop this phone (Nokia 3310) on a granite floor, will it break? The dealer replies- "Of course. No floor’s hard enough.”If you are one of them, your heart might skip with joy on hearing that ... Read More

Lenovo confirms New Moto 360 2

Samual Sam
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 09:50:32
In our most recent Mobile Updates, we told you about the widespread rumors of upcoming Moto 360. And now Lenovo confirms this by sending an invite out to the launch conference in Shanghai on September 8th, accompanied by the words “it’s time”.And by the looks of it, the Watch button is at 2 ‘O’ Clock position.New Moto 360The new Moto360 might come in two sizes and different colors, which is clearly logical. The Watch button is at 2 O Clock position, which is definitely more convenient than a button at 3 O Clock position.

The Statement of Work (SOW): Saves You and Your Project

Samual Sam
Updated on 14-Jul-2020 11:49:18
On a fine blue Monday morning, the customer sent you an email for urgent video call. You, being a good Project Manager, the project’s progress status and all other details you always kept at your bay. So, without any second thought, you jumped to the video call and start discussing with your client.After your initial exchange of pleasantries, suddenly the client complained that you are going in a wrong direction. He has gone through the application you have released yesterday at the end of first phase and he is totally disappointed that the requirements he has mentioned initially are different ... Read More
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