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How to Monitor your Linux Servers and Websites from Cloud

Sharon Christine
Updated on 22-Jan-2020 09:28:59
This article will help you to monitor IT infrastructure, Servers, Websites from the cloud. There is a huge requirement of having a tool to monitor and fits the bill of a cloud monitoring tool. One of the key feature of this tool is to send you alerts and notifications to the team for CPU, DISK, RAM, Network usage and also monitors the services like Apache, MySQL, Mail, FTP, is a new monitoring tool from Linux server, which is very easy to use and has a good yet capable feature of providing most vital information of your servers. CloudStats ... Read More

How To Use Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate To Secure Nginx for free on CentOS 7

Samual Sam
Updated on 22-Jan-2020 08:12:08
In this article, we will learn how to secure Ngnix using a free SSL from Let’s Encrypt, Let’s Encrypt which is a new certifying authority which provides an easy way to obtain and install it for free TSL/SSL certificates. We can enable HTTPS on web servers. Let’s Encrypt has simplified the process by providing a software client which automates most of the steps required for obtaining the SSL from the certifying authority. Currently Let’s Encrypt is still in open beta version. Also note that, the entire process for obtaining and installing the certificate is fully automated.PrerequisitesWe needed a CentOS 7 ... Read More

How to Use Nano Text Editor

Samual Sam
Updated on 22-Jan-2020 08:08:03
Are you confused by all of the other text editors? then, this article is for you! Linux amateurs are often put off by other advanced text editors such as Vim and Emacs. While they are decent programs, they does require a bit of learning curve. Nano offers a perfect solution if you are looking for a small and friendly text editor. It offers many useful and productive features.What is Nano Text Editor?Nano is a text editor for Unix-like systems or any other environments using a command line interface. It emulates the Pico text editor, a part of the Pine email ... Read More

How to use the Tor to Surf the Web Anonymously

Samual Sam
Updated on 22-Jan-2020 08:04:56
Everyone has secrets, and not all of them are sinister ones. Some secrets are personal, that we share with friends and they swear to protect it all their lives. Then there are really private secrets that we would rather not share and take measures to protect.But every time we think of more security, we look toward the internet to get help in preserving our privacy. There are many companies that provide online data-storage services and promise that our information will remain secure with them.What is Deep Web?Internet is very vast, it’s not restricted just to Google, Facebook, YouTube or other ... Read More

How to Use TRAI’s MySpeed App to Check Internet Speed

Samual Sam
Updated on 22-Jan-2020 08:02:10
“Hello? I can’t hear you. Who is this? Oh, God… this network”.This is something we use and we here almost every day. There is not much we can do about this issue, except for complaining, but now to measure the speed of internet on our device, India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority has launched a new app called , “MySpeed” .This app is very similar to all other applications designed to test the speed of internet connections. However, this is a great move by the Indian government. It can be easily downloaded by the mobile Sewa app store. It helps users to ... Read More

How to Wage War against Viruses

Samual Sam
Updated on 22-Jan-2020 07:56:49
There’s no way around it – World Wide Web is a problem with all imaginable forms or viruses and malware and they aren’t going anywhere. The best we can do is to improve our means of protecting our devices, and thankfully, we’ve got technology on our side as well. Fighting against viruses is an ongoing thing since internet came to be in this world – the good, the bad and the ugly came together and you can’t have one without the other.The first thing to do is ask yourself how much are you really investing into your internet security, and ... Read More

IBM WATSON - The SuperComputer for your Business

Samual Sam
Updated on 22-Jan-2020 07:53:51
Do you wish to initiate a new business, need help with business decisions, analyze immense amount of data, create a chatbot or song, need help with recipes, or have a business that is leaving money on the table? Get all your answers from ‘Watson.’Created by IBM, Watson is a supercomputer that works as a ‘question answering’ machine while combining artificial intelligence (AI) along with predictive analytical software. Named after IBM’s founder Thomas J. Watson, it is a cognitive technology that can understand, reason and think like a human.With Watson, through questions designed in natural language, one can analyze, visualize, and ... Read More

Identify Your Stakeholders: Before the Ship Sinks

Samual Sam
Updated on 22-Jan-2020 07:50:09
Let’s discuss a scenario of a company where no formal project management processes is in place. A company which believes more on manpower rather than processes. For example, it is a construction company and recently won a tender to construct a flyover in a busy road in the city.That’s a great news for the company, the company grabs the work order from the mouths of its competitors and jumped to start making the flyover. They informed the architects, engineers and the workers to start the work. Everyone planned their work as usual. The architects draw their diagrams, and the engineers ... Read More

Importance of Internships to College Students

Samual Sam
Updated on 14-Jul-2020 12:37:45
There is something in internships that is all the more inescapable than the sweet fragrance of a rose flower – Learning. An adage suggests, “Learning is not preparation for life; Learning is life itself.” Learning in every point of life is cardinal in its own way. When students experience a continuous learning environment, they get an opportunity to explore diverse and unexplored territorial domains. What thus follows is a phantasmagoria of constructive and highly rewarding events. This eventually leads to new ideas. Internships are cherished by students and multiple internships are mandated in a few reputed organizations.Here is a curated ... Read More

In Google Photo Gallery, Enable Face Recognition

Samual Sam
Updated on 22-Jan-2020 07:44:07
In the modern world, almost all prefer to have their own space. That’s not all, we also find people using different advanced methods to secure their gadgets, especially mobile phones using pin numbers, drawing patterns, etc. More recently, we find, people preferring to have facial recognition or fingerprint mobile lock in order to have more security.Facial recognition is a great feature on Google photos, similar to Facebook or Apple photos it has built in features like facial recognition and it can automatically organize photos based on the people’s faces.A significant point to remember, in case if you are accessing your ... Read More