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How to Generate and Configure a Self-Signed TSL/SSL Certificate for Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Jan-2020 08:19:02
In this article, we will learn how to generate and configure a self-signed SSL/TSL certificates for Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04. TSL is transport layer security with predecessor SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is used to protect the normal traffic in encrypted packets, where the traffic transfers from server to the client and will not be intercepted by the outside intruders. The certificate will also help the users to verify the identity of the sites they visited are correct.Self-signed certificates can be used if we don’t have any proper domain name associated with the site or the server instances.PrerequisitesIn accomplishing this ... Read More

How to Get Funds for Your Startup

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Jan-2020 08:16:07
Lack of money must never be an obstacle to your entrepreneurial dream. Starting a business is like going to college, the investors are like scholarship sponsors. As scholarship comes in different forms, it might be provided by different groups in the form of business investments.It is a rare incident where entrepreneurs have the necessary capital which they require to start the business since most startups require financial assistance at some point of time to succeed.Recently, Indian prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi recently rolled out the red carpet for Indian Startups. He promised to offer tax breaks, freedom from inspector raj and ... Read More

How to Hide Data on your Smartphone

Samual Sam
Updated on 14-Jul-2020 13:21:15
Your smartphone is your personal device which stores many of your personal files and data. There may be several reasons you would want to hide your data which includes private photos, videos and messages. If you want to hide a file from prying eyes on your smartphone, then it’s incredibly important that you can learn some methods for hiding files or folders so that you can properly store and sort files as needed.There are ways you can hide files on your phone with ease. Some of these methods don’t need any apps while some of them include various apps which ... Read More

How to Prevent Twitter Accounts from being Hacked

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Jan-2020 08:09:41
It has been more than a decade since the world had its first glance at social networking. With emerging technologies and with our fast growing adoption towards technology, Social Networking is being integrated into our lifestyle at an astounding rate. Whether sharing your most ecstatic moments or letting all your anger out. everything has been enriched, enhanced and revamped by the social networking giant called Twitter.Since its birth in July 2006, Twitter has raised the bars in the field of of conveying emotions and messages in the world of internet and social networking. It has grown, it has evolved and ... Read More

How to Increase Page Views on Your Blog

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Jan-2020 08:11:02
The art of writing quality content is a virtue that many fail to possess. Despite writing genuine content and publishing it on blogs regularly and religiously, an area of concern that seems to be plaguing bloggers is that of HTTP traffic. Honestly speaking, getting huge HTTP traffic is not a child’s play. Building a blog is easy but building a blog with significant traffic is challenging.In this article, I would like to share my wealth of experience as a blogger and without any further ado, let us dig into the top 5 techniques that increase your blog’s traffic –Ask Influencers ... Read More

How to Install and Configure MS SQL (Beta) on Ubuntu 16.04

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Jan-2020 07:55:00
In this article, we will learn how to Install and Configure MS SQL on Ubuntu, Microsoft has recently announced that they are planning to release the MS SQL for Linux. Specially beta versions of Red Hat Enterprises Linux, Centos &, Ubuntu but only with 64-bit editions.PrerequisitesA Machine with a min of 4 GB RAM and 30 GB Hard disk space.A Machine installed with Ubuntu 16.04.A user with root privileges or root user.MS SQL Server installation on UbuntuAs the MS SQL is not available in the default Ubuntu repository we needed to add the MS SSQL repository details to the local ... Read More

How to Install and Manage Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Jan-2020 07:57:00
In this article, we shall be learning about how to install Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04 and how to allow the Nginx from the firewall. Also, we will learn about how to control the Nginx.Nginx is a popular web server where most of the websites are hosted on the real world on the Nginx where it is more friendly than Apache and can be used as a Reverse proxy also.PrerequisitesIn this context (demo), we will need a non-root user with sudo privileges.Installing the Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04As a default, the Nginx is available with default Ubuntu repositories so that we can ... Read More

How to Keep Data on a USB Flash Drive Secure

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Jan-2020 07:44:35
Since the dawn of humanity, we humans have been innovating and improvising the recording and storage of data. Though it may look like one of the simplest activities we humans usually practice, but storing data has been one of the most integral parts of the human existence.This is one of the most significant advantages our race possesses over every other species that have ever traversed the blue planet. The art of storing data had empowered our ancestors to share their knowledge, experiences, art and culture with us through recording their data on paintings, sculptures, monuments and books.Starting with simple strokes ... Read More

How to Kill Linux Processes Using ‘xkill’ Command

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Jan-2020 07:43:21
Xkill is a utility for forcing the X server to close connections to consumers. This software is very harmful but is priceless for aborting applications.This article explains about-“How to Kill Linux Processes Using ‘xkill’ Command”.Sample Syntax of Xkill CommandThe sample syntax of Xkill command as shown below – $xkill [-option ...]Options of XkillOptions of Xkill are shown below –usage: xkill [-option ...] where options include: -display displayname X server to contact -id resource resource whose client is to be killed -frame don't ignore window manager frames -button number specific button to be pressed to select window -all kill all clients ... Read More

How to Make Free calls without Internet?

Samual Sam
Updated on 23-Jan-2020 07:41:16
People having access to Wifi can easily make free and cheap calling, but what, if they do not have an internet connection. Given below is a list of a few companies which have developed clever programs which helps the users to make free calls or calls at highly reduced rates.Leveraging FreeKall ServiceFreeKall is a startup company, based in Bangalore. It is a savior for many, as it helps them to make calls even when their balance is running out on their mobile phone. The Master brain behind this startup is Yashas Sekhar, the company has received an incredible response from ... Read More