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Differentiate between .com, .net and .org domains.

Bhanu Priya
Updated on 21-Mar-2022 11:40:22
Domain names will always have an extension which is also called a TLD (Top Level Domain) (. Com used for Commercial for-profit websites) (. Net used for Network-related domains) ( .org used for Non-profit organizations)When we are making websites, we can choose from a wide range of domain extensions. The extensions are originally created for different types of websites each having a specific meaning.We have to choose a domain name extension which fits your business while helping you build a recognizable brand in your industry..comWe use .com domain name because the .com domain name indicates a commercial site. .com is ... Read More

Difference Between Digital Signature and Digital Certificate

Updated on 23-Apr-2021 06:52:11
In this post, we will understand the difference between a digital signature and a digital certificate −Digital SignatureIt helps verify the authenticity of a specific document.It also helps in verifying the source of a specific document.The document is encrypted when it is being sent.The document is decrypted when it is being received.This encryption and decryption happen using asymmetric keys.It helps provide authentication, non-repudiation and integrity.Digital CertificateIt helps create an identity for a website.It also improves the trustworthy nature of the website.A digital certificate can be issued by a trusted agency known as the CA.The CA follows specific steps such as ... Read More

Difference Between URL and Domain Name

Updated on 23-Apr-2021 06:50:54
In this post, we will understand the difference between URL and Domain Name −Domain NameThe main motive behind a domain name is to make it easy to access a website.They are generally used to refer to a brand name, to easily identify and remember it.It is in textual form, and is human-friendly.It can be understood as a human readable form of an IP address.It consists of three parts- Top level domain, Intermediate level, and Low level.Example of a domain name is medium.comUniform Resource LocatorIf you want to find a particular website URL is best for it because a URL is ... Read More

Difference Between and

Updated on 23-Apr-2021 06:46:40
In this post, we will understand the difference between and −Wordpress.orgIt is also known as the real WordPress.It is open source, and can be used by anyone.A domain name and a web hosting service is required to use this.It is also referred to as self-hosted WordPress.User has full control of the website.WordPress plugins that are free, or paid can be added to the website.The website and all of its data is owned by the user.Google analytics can be used to perform customized analytics.Advertisements can be run and revenue can be generated.User has to keep several backups of the ... Read More

Difference Between Website and Portal

Updated on 23-Apr-2021 12:25:30
In this post, we will understand the difference between website and a portal −WebsiteIt is a location on the internet.It can be accessed with the help of a URL (uniform resource locator).It is generally owned by an organization.The user can’t interact with a website.It doesn’t necessarily belong to a knowledge domain.The information sources don’t have to be updated frequently.PortalIt helps provide a single point of access.At this access point, the traffic is limited, and is given to a specific set of users only.It is user-centric.It provides a two-way communication between user and portal.It acts as a gateway to a domain ... Read More

Difference Between Web page and Website

Updated on 23-Apr-2021 06:39:00
In this post, we will understand the difference between web page and website −WebsiteIt is a collection of multiple web pages displayed on the web using a client-like browser.It contains more than one web webpage.These pages contain information.It is a combination of webpages that are created with the help of HTML and CSS.It is a place that helps display content.It requires more time to develop a website in comparison to developing webpages.It includes content about multiple entities.It can be accessed with the help of HTTP, DNS (Domain Name System) Protocols.There is no extension that is included in the URL of ... Read More

Difference Between URL and URI

Updated on 23-Apr-2021 06:37:53
In this post, we will understand the difference between URL and URI −URLIt stands for Uniform Resource Locator.It is used to help describe the identity of an item.It can link a web page, a component of a web page or a program on a web page using access methods such as protocols.It gives details about the type of protocol that needs to be used.It is a type of URI.URIIt stands for Uniform Resource Identifier.It provides a technique to define the identity of an item.It can be used to distinguish one resource from another, irrespective of the access method being used.It ... Read More

Difference Between SEO and SMO

Updated on 21-Apr-2021 07:45:06
In this post, we will understand the difference between SEO and SMO −SEO (Search Engine Optimization)It stands for Search Engine Optimization.It helps drive the users to the content.There are two types of optimization available: On-site and off-site.Optimization can be done by sharing the relevant information.Platforms where SEO is performed are Google, Bing, Yahoo.The basic elements of SEO are the website's code.For SEO to be properly implemented, proper use of keywords is required.Any impact of a change on the ranking of the site is analysed.When messages are repeated, it results in the website being penalized.SMO (Social Media Optimization)It stands for Social ... Read More

Difference Between Website and Blog

Updated on 21-Apr-2021 07:38:21
In this post, we will understand the difference between a website and a blog −WebsiteIt is a collection of webpages and multimedia content.This is made available under one domain on the World Wide Web.The websites are usually hosted using a web hosting service.This allows the web pages and the content of the website to be accessed by people all over the world.It can be an internal site that could be accessed through a secure local area network.The fundamental unit of a website is content.It doesn’t have any kind of order.Commenting on a website is not possible all the time.There are ... Read More

Difference Between Hypertext and Hypermedia

Updated on 21-Apr-2021 07:33:28
In this post, we will understand the difference between hypertext and hypermedia −HypertextIt refers to the system of managing the information related to the plain text.It involves only text.It becomes a part of the link.It is the part of hypermedia.It allows the user to traverse through text in a non-linear fashion.It allows users to move from one document to another in a single click.The user can click on the hypertext or the ‘goto’ links.It helps the user move to the next document.It also helps the user move from one page of a document to the other page.It doesn’t provide a ... Read More
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