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How to change Git Remote Origin URL

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Updated on 11-Oct-2022 12:36:51
Introduction With git remote set-url, you can change the URL of a Git remote repository. Use this command to change the remote URL of the repository you want to change. This command accepts two arguments: the name of the remote repository and the URL of the new repository. Do you have any experience changing the name of a remote Git repository? Do you intend to move a remote repository into a different location? The URL of a Git repository will be changed by both of these operations. Your remote repository will become unreachable if this occurs. There is no need ... Read More

Adobe Photoshop - Photo & Design Software

Mahesh Parahar
Updated on 14-Feb-2022 12:00:07
Adobe Photoshop is the most popular photo editor and designing software. Adobe Photoshop is available for Windows, macOS and iPAD. Adobe Photoshop is very easy to use and provides many useful features required for image editing and designing. Adobe Photoshop is an industry standard in photo editing and digital art. Adobe Photoshop is so popular that its trademark is a verb like to photoshop an image, photoshopping, photoshop contest etc. Adobe Photoshop is a proprietary software owned by Adobe Inc.Key FeaturesFollowing are the key features of Adobe Photoshop −Multiple Layers editing − Adobe photoshop allows to edit and develop raster ... Read More

Difference between Hardware and Software

Kiran Kumar Panigrahi
Updated on 24-Nov-2022 13:10:07
A computer is a system, i.e. it consists of several parts. The two crucial parts of a computer system are – hardware and software. Those parts of computer system which are physical and visible are called the hardware. Whereas, the computer software are the sets of instructions and programs that enable the computer hardware to perform their functions. Both the hardware and software are dependent on each which means we must install the software in the hardware to make it functional. In the same way, the hardware parts of a computer must be present in the system to perform the ... Read More