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How does JSON wire protocol work?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 04-Sep-2019 15:05:56
A24 JSON Wire protocol is the protocol in which is used when the web driver communicates with the browser. The working of the JSON is as below −In a server-client architecture, it is necessary that the client and server should be in sync and are able to receive and send the request and response.As the name suggests JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) is used to represent objects with a complex data structures. JSON wire protocol acts as a mediator between client libraries and Web Drivers. It sends transfers data between the client and the server on the web.The server doesn’t understand the ... Read More

Which version of Firefox is compatible with selenium

Adiya Dua
Updated on 07-Aug-2019 06:55:24
Compatibility of Firefox with Selenium has always been a pain area. Before Selenium3, Firefox used to be the default browser for Selenium. But after Selenium3, by using GeckoDriver explicitly, we can initialize the script in FireFox.FireFox was fully supported only in previous versions i.e. v47 and earlier. Selenium WebDriver version 2.53 is not compatible with Mozilla FireFox version 47.0+. After v47.0, FireFox is provided with GeckoDriver. GeckoDriver is a proxy for using W3C WebDriver-compatible clients to interact with gecko-based browsers i.e. Mozilla FireFox.GeckoDriver acts a link between Selenium WebDriver tests and Mozilla FireFox Browser. It is a web browser engine ... Read More

What is Web Driver in Selenium?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 07-Aug-2019 06:47:04
It is a web automation framework which allows us to execute test across various browsers. It can execute multiple tests over multiple browsers on multiple OS. WebDriver makes it possible to write a test script in Linux and run it in Windows. There are multiple programming languages which are supported by Web Driver such as Java, Python, Ruby, .Net, PHP to create test scripts.In Selenium2, integration of Web Driver was considered which was designed to address few limitations of Selenium RC.New Features introduced −It can test dynamic websites where the content of pages changes by a mouse click.By Web Driver, ... Read More

What is Maven in selenium?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 02-Jul-2020 13:16:52
Maven is Yiddish Word which means Accumulator of Knowledge. Maven is a tool which is used for building and managing Java Based Projects. Basically to put it in simple words is a way to manage dependency for Java Based Project. Maven can be used when building project with POM (Page Object Model) when working on big projects.Below are the objectives which can be achieved with maven −Easier and Uniform build process.Providing quality project informationEasy DocmentationBest practices developmentManage the dependenciesLets understand them one by oneEasier and Unfirom Build Process −Maven provides pom.xml configuration files where all information such as construction directory, ... Read More

Who created Selenium?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 05-Aug-2019 11:23:22
Selenium started originally as an internal tool at Thought Works in Chicago which was being developed by Jason Huggins in 2004. He was helped by Paul Gross and Jie Tina Wang and they built a Core mode as "JavaScriptTestRunner" for the testing of an internal Time and Expenses application (Python, Plone).They then thought of open-sourcing the test tool. ThoughtWorkers in various offices around the world picked up Selenium for commercial projects.Selenium RC was the first version of Selenium. In 2007, Huggins joined Google. Together with others like Jennifer Bevan, he continued with the development and stabilization of Selenium RC.In 2008, ... Read More

What is the difference between selenium and automation?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 02-Jul-2020 13:20:56
Automation − It is the technique to run the test cases without human intervention. If we are sticking to the IT industry, Automation is not just confined to Automation of test scripts. Automation is the basic control system in which human intervention is expected the least. Various many tasks such as Data Migration, Decision making for AI, deploying the code automatically in the latest builds for testing etc.Goals −The ultimate goal of Automation is to re-run the regression flows without intervention of manual tester. Initializing some amount of human effort is required to design the scripts. But the end result ... Read More

What is difference between selenium 1 and Selenium 2

Adiya Dua
Updated on 02-Jul-2020 13:21:44
Selenium or known as RC (Remote Control) and Web Driver differ in many aspects but the key difference comes in the implementation layer or in simple words the architecture of both of them.As name suggest, RC is a Remote Control which works by taking the remote of the browser and then injects the automation code to be tested by injecting the custom scripts written.The Web Driver (known as Selenium 2) works on the browser directly and uses browsers in-built features to trigger the automation test written by tester. Web driver is the successor of Remote Control.The architecture of Selenium Web ... Read More

Which is the selenium latest version?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 02-Jul-2020 13:08:36
Selenium started with version 1 and now version 3 is the currently the latest released version available in the market. Let’s has a comparative study of the different features of each of the version.Selenium 1 or RC: As name suggest, RC is a Remote Control which works by taking the remote of the browser and then injects the automation code to be tested by injecting the custom scripts written.Selenium 2 or Web driver: The Web Driver (known as Selenium 2) works on the browser directly and uses browsers in-built features to trigger the automation test written by tester. Web driver ... Read More

Is TestNG part of selenium?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:26
Before we answer if TestNG is a part of selenium or not, let’s have a brief understanding of what actually TestNG.TestNG stands for Test Next Generation. It is an automation testing framework and uses annotations. Annotations are lines of code that control how the method below it will execute. The greatest advantage of TestNG is that we can generate test reports and know the number of scripts passed, failed or skipped. Failed test cases can be run separately using TestNG. Along with it TestNG provides enables us with the ability to execute the test cases by reading the input file ... Read More

What is JSON wire protocol in selenium?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:26
To understand we need to first have a fair idea of what JSON actually is, JSON stands for Java Script Object Notation. Now let's have a look at what a sample JSON input looks like −{    "name": "Tutorials Point",    "topic": "Selenium",    "Address": "India" }JSON today is one of the most widely used and accepted method for communication of heterogeneous system. JSON is used a lot in web services in REST and has been a strong competition to XML.Let’s understand how Web driver uses it when testing the web applications −WebDriver uses JSON as a medium to communicate ... Read More