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Difference between selenium IDE, RC & WebDriver.

Debomita Bhattacharjee
Updated on 28-Aug-2020 06:01:09
The differences between selenium IDE, RC & Webdriver are listed below :FunctionalitiesSelenium IDESelenium RCSelenium WebdriverRecord and playbackIt has the record and playback feature.It does not have a record and playback.It does not have a record and playback.ServerIt requires no server to start execution of test cases.It requires the server to start execution of test cases.It requires no server to start execution of test cases.BrowserIt can be used for testing only in Firefox.It can be used for testing in the majority of browsers.It can be used for testing in the majority of browsers including in headless mode.Object OrientedIt is based on ... Read More

HP UFT Vs. Selenium – A Review

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 20-Jan-2020 13:07:47
When we are talking about test automation, we automatically think about the tools, which are available to ease the testing task. These tools can be categorized under two major categories – freeware and licensed tools. The freeware tools are the open source tools available free of cost over the internet. The reliability of such tools is pretty less. However, when we talk about licensed tools, these tools are paid tools which have licensed versions. If you want to use these tools, then you have to pay the price for the license.Here, in this article, we are going to discuss about ... Read More

Selenium WebDriver- Revisiting Important Features

Sharon Christine
Updated on 17-Jan-2020 12:47:23
It’s been more than a decade since Selenium automation tool is here to automate our testing needs. As a free to use tool with dedicated community, it has lot of features to make our automation testing more reliable and comfortable. Seeing the growing popularity of Selenium webdriver, let’s revisit some of the important features of it, which proves why Selenium webdriver still stand out in the crowd.Key Features – Selenium WebDriverCompatibility with Many Web BrowsersSelenium WebDriver supports wide range of web browsers available in the market such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and many more. Unless the other ... Read More

What is the future of Selenium Automation testing, as a career option?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 11-Dec-2019 12:44:44
We are now living in a world of Cloud and Digital business. Application Development of almost all the platform is in boom. For providing utmost customer satisfaction, the application has to be seamless and bug-free.We have been living in the age of manual testing since very long. We have new requirements pitching in every now-and-then from the clients where there is either enhancement in the application or any modification. For testing these new requirements, we need to run the older test cases repeatedly to test if it is not affected by the new change. And we end up testing the ... Read More

Can I learn Selenium without knowing Java?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 11-Dec-2019 12:38:47
This Question comes to many professionals who are not actually into core technical and want to pursue their career in Selenium Automation. The term coding makes the non-programmers a bit scare to even start off with something like automation. There is a perception that a non-programmer cannot excel in Automation, but it is only in head. Many deserving and capable manual testers shy away from Selenium just thinking that it require some special skills.There are various many languages in which Selenium Scripts are designed such as Python, Ruby, C#, JavaScript and Java is one such of them. Knowing the popularity ... Read More

How do you conduct function Testing?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 09-Oct-2019 08:48:35
Functional TestingAll the user requirements as specified by the business should be well tested as a part of functional testing. Functional Testing demands Testing in the environment similar to that of client’s requirement. All the boundary conditions, negative scenario are accounted for. Each functionality of the application should be working well with minimal probability of any bug.Objective of Functional TestingThe basic requirement which is expected out of a well running application should be tested. The UI should be user friendly and easy to navigate. Error messages should pop-up in case any unwanted entry is entered.A bug free application with the ... Read More

What is the role of test automation in functional testing?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 09-Oct-2019 08:43:51
To ensure smooth, speedy and effective testing and delivery of a project, automation plays a crucial role. It becomes very essential in this digital business that continuous testing and delivery are ensured.Automation requires tools which control and compare the actual and the expected results. Repetitive execution as a part of Regression is also considered when Automation is talked about.While handling a huge project, automation plays a key role where few areas needs to be tested again and again in periodic interval. End-to-end testing result ensure the robust working of the application.When Automation is considers, it becomes very significant to identify ... Read More

When Should I use Selenium Grid?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 09-Oct-2019 08:39:51
IntroductionAmong the four flavors of Selenium, Selenium Grid is one such flavor. The facility to run multiple tests on multiple machines, on multiple browsers simultaneously is made possible by Selenium Grid. It also allows running test cases on multiple browsers in parallel.Selenium Grid has 2 versions- older Grid 1 and older Grid 2. Old Grid 1 is obsolete now, hence Grid 2 is used.Selenium 2 is bundled with Selenium Server jar file. There is no need to install Apache Ant unlike Grid 1.How it worksSelenium Grid consists of hub and multiple nodes. Test runs on single machine called Hub and ... Read More

What are different selenium versions?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 06-Jul-2020 09:22:30
Selenium 1 or known as RC (Remote Control) and Web Driver differ in many aspects but the key difference comes in the implementation layer or in simple words the architecture of both of them.As name suggest, RC is a Remote Control which works by taking the remote of the browser and then injects the automation code to be tested by injecting the custom scripts written.The Web Driver (known as Selenium 2) works on the browser directly and uses browsers in-built features to trigger the automation test written by tester. Web driver is the successor of Remote Control.The architecture of Selenium ... Read More

What is selenium web driver?

Adiya Dua
Updated on 04-Sep-2019 07:50:47
Selenium Webdriver is a framework that allows automation testing. It allows testing across various browsers. It can execute multiple tests over multiple browsers on multiple OS. Web Driver makes it possible to write a test script in Linux and run it in Windows. There are multiple programming languages that are supported by Web Driver such as Java, Python, Ruby, .Net, PHP to create test scripts.Selenium Web driver is derived from −In Selenium2, integration of Web Driver was considered which was designed to address a few limitations of Selenium RC.Selenium was introduced with the following new features −It can test dynamic ... Read More