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What is the difference between SciPy and NumPy?

Gaurav Kumar
Updated on 14-Dec-2021 11:47:50
NumPy, stands for Numerical Python, is used for the manipulation of elements of numerical array data. SciPy, stands for Scientific Python, is used for numerical computations in Python. Both these packages provide extended functionality to work with Python. Let’s understand some basic differences between NumPy and SciPy −Functional differences − NumPy has a faster processing speed than SciPy. The functions defined in NumPy library are not in depth whereas SciPy library consists of detailed versions of the functions. SciPy is built on NumPy and it is recommended to use both libraries altogether for fast and efficient scientific and mathematical computations.Array concept − ... Read More

SciPy is built upon which core packages?

Gaurav Kumar
Updated on 14-Dec-2021 11:47:25
SciPy is built upon the following core packages −Python − Python, a general-purpose programming language, is dynamically typed and interpreted. It is well suited for interactive work and quick prototyping. It is also powerful to write AI and ML applications.NumPy − NumPy is a base N-dimensional array package for SciPy that allows us to efficiently work with data in numerical arrays. It is the fundamental package for numerical computation.Matplotlib − Matplotlib is used to create comprehensive 2-dimensional charts and plots from data. It also provides us basic 3-dimensional plotting.The SciPy library − It is one of the core packages providing us many user-friendly and ... Read More

What are various sub-packages in Python SciPy library?

Gaurav Kumar
Updated on 14-Dec-2021 11:29:20
To cover different scientific computing domains, SciPy library is organized into various sub-packages. These sub-packages are explained below −Clustering package (scipy.cluster) − This package contains clustering algorithms which are useful in information theory, target detection, compression, communications, and some other areas also. It has two modules namely scipy.cluster.vq and scipy.cluster.hierarchy. As the name entails, the first module i.e., vq module supports only vector quantization and k-meansalgorithms. Whereas the second module i.e., hierarchy module provides functions for agglomerative and hierarchical clustering.Constants(scipy.constants) − It contains mathematical and physical constants. Mathematical constants include pi, golden and golden_ratio. Physical constants include c, speed_of_light, planck, gravitational_constant, etc.Legacy ... Read More

What is SciPy and why should we use it?

Gaurav Kumar
Updated on 14-Dec-2021 11:27:50
SciPy, pronounced as “Sigh Pie”, is an ecosystem of Python open-source libraries for performing Mathematical, Scientific, and Engineering computations. SciPy stands for Scientific Python and is comprised of the following core packages, called SciPy ecosystem −NumPy − NumPy is a base N-dimensional array package for SciPy that allows us to efficiently work with data in arrays.Matplotlib − Matplotlib is used to create comprehensive 2-D charts and plots from data.Pandas − Pandas is an open-source Python package used to organize and analyze our data.Apart from SciPy ecosystem, there are other related but distinct entities SciPy refers to −Community − It refers to the community of ... Read More