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What are Virtual Machines in Operating System?

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Updated on 26-Nov-2021 10:27:56
A virtual machine (VM) is a virtual environment which functions as a virtual computer system with its own CPU, memory, network interface, and storage, created on a physical hardware system.VMs are isolated from the rest of the system, and multiple VMs can exist on a single piece of hardware, like a server. That means, it as a simulated image of application software and operating system which is executed on a host computer or a server.It has its own operating system and software that will facilitate the resources to virtual computers.Characteristics of virtual machinesThe characteristics of the virtual machines are as ... Read More

Differentiate between multiprogramming, multitasking and multiprocessing.

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Updated on 26-Nov-2021 10:24:19
Let us understand what multiprogramming is.MultiprogrammingIt is the ability of an operating system which executes more than one program on a single processor machine. More than one task or program can store or reside into the main memory at one point of time.In this concept the CPU executes some part of one program, and then continues with another part of the program, and so on. Because of this process, the CPU will never go into the idle state unless there is no process ready to execute at the time of Context Switching.The diagram given below depicts the multiprogramming −AdvantagesThe advantages ... Read More

What are the different tasks in the real time system?

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Updated on 26-Nov-2021 10:21:16
In embedded system, real time means the following −The system responds to an event or request within timing constraints.System must use a real time operating system, that system can interrupt a running task.The system must be predictable. The system guarantees that important tasks get run in fixed time constraints.Real time systems work in time constraints and provide estimated time for critical situations.Embedded systems provide specific functions in a large operating system.TasksGenerally, the tasks in the system are said to be fully pre-emptive and that are used to communicate with the rest of the system via data read at the beginning ... Read More

How does the operating system act as a resource manager and extended machine?

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Updated on 26-Nov-2021 10:17:29
An operating system is the interface between the user and the machine which controls and coordinates the use of the hardware among the various application programs for the various users.Operating System as Extended MachineLet us understand how the operating system works as an Extended Machine.At the Machine level the structure of a computer’s system is complicated to program, mainly for input or output. Programmers do not deal with hardware. They will always mainly focus on implementing software. Therefore, a level of abstraction is supposed to be maintained.Operating systems provide a layer of abstraction for using disk such as files.This level ... Read More

What are the roles of embedded operating systems?

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Updated on 26-Nov-2021 10:14:25
An Embedded OS is a resource-efficient and reliable Operating System designed for embedded computer systems. Each of the Embedded OS is expected or designed specially to perform a specific task. It is limited to the given hardware or the particular device.CharacteristicsThe characteristics of the embedded operating systems are as follows −All Embedded Systems are task specific. They mostly do a particular task on loop/repeatedly for their entire lifetime.All embedded systems are designed to execute their task within a particular time interval, and thus they have to be fast enough to be up to their time limit.They have little or no ... Read More

What are hardware and software resources managed by the OS?

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Updated on 26-Nov-2021 10:12:53
An operating system manages the resources like disk drives, memory and processors. Any device inside the computer is managed by the operating system. The operating system manages running applications or programs, called processes.The different hardware and software resources are as follows −Processor(s)Memory (RAM)Hard Disk StorageRemovable MediaSoftwareInput DevicesNow, let us see how Windows manages its hardware and software resources.Windows is itself software we usually call it as an operating system or system software. Windows manages the computer’s memory, internal CPU process and all of its application software and hardware.Generally speaking, what is an Operating system: An OS is an interface between ... Read More

How did the Windows operating system evolve and compare Windows 10 and Ubuntu?

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Updated on 26-Nov-2021 10:11:26
Microsoft Windows has had nine major versions since its first release in 1985.Original Windows 1It was released in November 1985. It was the first true attempt at a graphical user interface in 16-bit.Windows 2Two years after Windows 1, Microsoft released Windows 2 in December 1987. Microsoft Excel and Word also made their first appearance running on Windows 2. It has the ability to minimize or maximize windows instead of Zooming.Windows 3It was released in 1990. The first windows that required a hard drive launched in 1990. This is the first windows that stand challenging to Apple’s Macintosh. It has the ... Read More

Differentiate between 32-Bit vs. 64-Bit Operating System.

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Updated on 26-Nov-2021 10:07:29
Generally, PCs are in two varieties: some are running a 32-bit operating system and some are running a 64-bit operating system.Here, the difference is the amount of information the PC’s processor can handle at any precise moment and a computer designed for a 64-bit operating system has vastly more potential computing, this requires fundamental changes to the way its software is designed.The Bit refers to the way computers deal with information in binary, where all data is listed as a string of digits which can either be 0 or 1. The 32-bit processors can process 32 digits at once whereas ... Read More

What are the different types of Mobile Operating Systems?

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Updated on 26-Nov-2021 10:03:07
The different types of mobile operating system are as follows −Android OS (Open source)Android Operating System is one of the popular software developed by Android Inc Company. It’s an excellent rise because it was created just in 2008.The question is − Where can we download Android Apps?If you've got the Android-based phone you'll realize Google Play, the Android market, where you'll find tons of applications for this OS. It’s about 700 000 apps there.Features of Android OSThe features of Android OS are as follows −The interface of Android was developed in order to fulfil all user requirements.You can decorate your ... Read More

What are the features of Operating Systems?

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The features of operating systems are increasing day by day. Because at the starting development of the OS it was used to handle storage taps but now it is working on GUI by throwing brilliant colours.Given below are the features of the operating system −Memory ManagementThe operating system controls the primary memory or main memory.Primary memory is a large array of bytes or words where each byte or word is assigned a certain address.It is a fast storage, and it can be accessed directly by the CPU which is present inside the system. If a program wants to be executed, ... Read More