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What is WAN (Wide Area Network) in Computer Network?

Updated on 04-May-2021 13:57:47
A wide area network is a connection of two or more computers that are geographically disappearing. It has a long-distance connection than LAN. It uses public networks like a telephone system or microwave broadcast for connection facilities.Types of WANFollowing are the types of WAN −Enterprise WAN − These computers are located in different geographical regions that belong to one organization. It is for authorized persons only.Global WAN − It belongs to a different group of organizations. It is accessible to everyone. It is created by both LANs and MANs.They use radio waves, microwaves or communication satellites for data transmission. The ... Read More

What is MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) in Computer Network?

Updated on 04-May-2021 13:55:32
A metropolitan area network is a network that covers a larger geographic range by joining a multiple LAN to form a larger network. MAN usually connects multiple local area networks (LANs), using fiber optic cables, with a high-compact network framework. It can support uplinks to the wireless networks and the computer network. The MAN is set up in an area of more than 100 kilometres. It can include a combination of several hardware components and communication media.It can relate to various LANs in a city. Suppose we have other branches of a company. We require to attach all those branches, ... Read More

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of LAN in Computer Network?

Updated on 04-May-2021 13:55:03
Following are the advantages and disadvantages of LAN −Advantages of LANThere are various advantages of LAN, which are as follows −Inexpensive transmission media.It can simplify the physical association of a device to the media.It is used to high data transmission rates.Network data transmission is independent of the connected devices rates, making it accessible for the one-speed device to send data to another speed device.A large rate of interconnection between devices.Each connected device has the potential to interact with another device on the network.It is flexible and growth-oriented.It allows file locking.It provides full proof of the security system against illegal access ... Read More

What is LAN (Local Area Network) in Computer Network?

Updated on 27-Apr-2022 08:00:11
A local area network is a comparatively lesser and privately-owned network with the highest duration of 10km to support local connectivity within a building or limited geographical area.In private offices, this type of networking is trendy and effectively used. They are generally used to interface with personal computers and buildings, incorporate workplaces and industry to share resources and transfer data.The figure shows a LAN having computers from several departments like Sales, Finance, Production, Publication, etc.Features of LANLimited Geographic LimitsA LAN is constructed for a limited area. It usually traverses a single frequency workgroup floor in a building or on campus ... Read More

What is Client-Server Architecture in Computer Network?

Updated on 04-May-2021 13:52:17
In this architecture, a specific computer is known as a server, specially designated to provide various services to other computers known as clients. In simple terms, the server can be defined as a provider of services, and the client can be a requester to services. The client requests any information from the server, and the server, in turn, responds to the client request, as shown in the below figure −The most common client-server arrangement method is a LAN made out of microcomputers linked to a network server, which serves all LAN clients.Classifications of Client/Server ArchitectureFollowing is the classification of Client/Server ... Read More

What is Computer Network Architecture?

Updated on 04-May-2021 13:51:15
A network model represents the organization of multiple computers in a network. It describes how individual computers are interconnected in a network.The computer network architecture is as follows −Centralized Computing ArchitectureIn centralized computing architecture, one powerful computer is used to serve one or more low powered computers. In the centralized model, the nodes are not connected; they are only connected to the server.The centralized computing architecture contains the following −All processing holds a function in the central, mainframe computer.Terminals are linked to the central computer and operation just as input/output devices.Networks can be employed to interconnect at least two mainframe ... Read More

What is Computer Network?

Updated on 04-May-2021 13:50:36
Computer Network is an interconnection of numerous computers to share an operating system, hardware, and information through a transmission mode between them. There is no restriction to the area between two computers in a network.A computer network involves the following elements −Nodes (Workstations)The multiple terminals connected to the network sharing the network resources are known as nodes.ServerWe assign a specific node as a main or central node at a well-known and permanent address to support the network. The node offering the service is called the server.Network Interface UnitThe interpreter, which connects the server and multiple nodes, is known as the ... Read More

What are the goals of Computer Network?

Updated on 04-May-2021 13:48:30
The main goals of computer networks are as follows −Resource SharingThe main goal of the computer network is Resource Sharing. It is to create all the programs, data and hardware accessible to anyone on the network without considering the resource’s physical area and the client.Saving MoneyThe second goal of a computer network is saving money. Small computers have a much excellent value proportion than higher ones. Mainframes are approximately a method ten times quicker than the quickest single-chip microprocessors, but they cost a huge number of times more.This imbalance has made numerous system designers build systems, including dynamic personal computers, ... Read More

Why do we need Computer Networks?

Updated on 04-May-2021 13:47:47
In today’s technology-oriented world, sharing has become an integral part of businesses and other activities. This sharing can be achieved by networking. A computer network is linking two or more computers in order to share files or resources.Here, we will see why we need computer networks in more detail below −To share computer filesNetworks enable users to share files with others. For example, in a company, one file is to be shared by multiple branches. When we locate this file on the network system, all the branches can use this file.To share computer equipmentLaser printers and large hard-disk drives can ... Read More

What is Error Detection?

Updated on 04-May-2021 08:20:55
When data is shared from one computer to another computer, the system does not protect whether the information received by the computer is actually to the data transmitted by another computer. An error is when the message received at the receiver end is not interchangeable with the message sent.Types of ErrorsFollowing are the types of errors −Single-Bit ErrorThese errors occur when only a single bit in a data packet is changed from 1 to 0 or 0 to 1. These types of errors are most likely to happen in the parallel transmission of data.Suppose a block of data is sent ... Read More