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How to start with your cryptocurrency investment?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 12-Dec-2022 15:28:01
Many people are betting on cryptocurrency despite its known volatility because of its spectacular rise. It's not only the largest cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum that experience dips and subsequent recoveries; numerous smaller, widely used digital currencies follow the same pattern. Traders with experience have been betting on cryptocurrency for years. How can you join in on the action if you're starting? Learn the basics of bitcoin investment and what to look out for below. Five Easy Ways to Put Your Money Into Cryptocurrencies Having your financial house in order is the first step toward successful crypto investment. That entails ... Read More

How many Blockchains are there?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 12-Dec-2022 18:07:29
Introduction The number of blockchains since 2019 is uncertain. There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies available to trade with, as most exchanges deal in them, so this also impacts the number of current blockchains. The total amount of blockchains will continue to grow for now, and it is unclear how long this growth will last. There are a variety of different blockchains out there, which can be split up into different categories based on their general purpose, such as e-commerce (Ethereum), financial exchange (Ripple), transaction settlement (Bitcoin Cash), and so on. Some of the more popular ones include Bitcoin, Ethereum and ... Read More

How can Blockchain help Emerging Economies?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 13-Dec-2022 10:45:18
You could use Blockchain as a base to build financial services that fill gaps in the online market. Blockchain connects a network of entities and lets them share information. So, traditional databases only store data for one party at a time. Blockchain is a type of technology called a "decentralized ledger." Bitcoin was one of the first and most well-known ways of blockchain technology. However, most experts agree that blockchain technology has a lot of potential for other uses. Blockchain: A Novel Technology for Emerging Economies In 2017, the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum went up and down. It helped ... Read More

Government implementing Blockchain to reduce Complacency

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 12-Dec-2022 18:06:41
A quality that results from our comfort level after becoming accustomed to a particular environment or stimulation is complacency. For instance, a motorist may be too cautious when driving on rugged terrain for the first time. He is very calculated. Therefore, it makes sense that he would move slowly. The motorist would move quickly after repeatedly driving through that same terrain since he would have grown accustomed to it. As his confidence grows, he may become complacent that he disregards obvious and fundamental safety precautions, endangering his safety. I once overheard a boss discussing his thoughts about the difference in ... Read More

How Blockchain changed the way money works?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 13-Dec-2022 10:40:07
What do you think the effects of Bitcoin technology will be? Don Tapscott, the CEO of the Tapscott Group, says that blockchains, the technology behind cryptocurrencies, could change the world economy. Tapscott talks with McKinsey's Rik Kirkland about the possible benefits of blockchains for working together and keeping track of transactions. Blockchains are a type of open-source, distributed database that uses cutting-edge cryptography. Every day, our global financial system deals with trillions of dollars, which helps billions of people worldwide. But the system has some flaws that lead to higher costs because of fees and delays, more trouble for everyone ... Read More

How Blockchain and NFT Related?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 12-Dec-2022 18:05:36
Introduction NFT employs the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies, which is significant when discussing it as a metaverse currency, even if it isn't a type of coin. Coins are pieces of art, video game material, musical compositions, or anything else that can be connected to this specific coin. Because of this, many artists and content creators have adopted this new trend to monetize their work. The foundation of the interaction with the blockchain is that this technology guarantees that these assets are auditable, allowing purchasers of a special asset to keep track of it. In other words, the blockchain is ... Read More

How are Blockchain and AI interlinked?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 12-Dec-2022 15:04:08
Introduction Blockchain helps the people working with it to keep their information and data safe and secure. Also, the transactions and the records are kept safely without being tampered with in any way. Whereas, in the case of AI, the power is given to the hands of organizations that help manage and store data and information. This data is not accessible by other people, and they need prior permission from the organization or the company to access the data. AI and blockchains are said to be interlinked with each other and to improve each other's work. These two are entirely ... Read More

Which Different Industries Implementing Blockchain?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 12-Dec-2022 14:58:15
Blockchain technology has been used in other fields besides banking. Blockchain technology has a huge chance to change the future in a big way. We list all the industries that use Blockchain technology right now. But before we get there, let's use an infographic to look at Blockchain and its workings. In many important ways, blockchain technology has made a big difference. You might want to know which industries Blockchain changed the most and when this happened. So, go ahead and let your mind run wild. Here are some of the most critical industries and how Blockchain has affected them. ... Read More

Crypto Crash: What investors need to know?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 12-Dec-2022 14:48:49
Introduction A "flash crash" in cryptocurrency prices occurs when many holders of a specific crypto-asset suddenly decide to sell off their holdings, outnumbering the number of purchasers and driving down prices over time. In contrast to a typical crash, this event tends for the price to rebound fast, frequently finishing with the price near its initial level. Traditional finance is where the phrase "flash collapse" originated. The most well-known incident occurred in 2010 when a British trader was detained for his part in the abrupt decline of the US stock market. The causes of the cryptocurrency market crash 1. At ... Read More

Can you own Crypto in your Roth IRA

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 12-Dec-2022 18:04:30
Introduction Holding crypto in Roth IRA is a common practice that people follow. It makes investing affordable and more accessible for people interested in crypto investing. One of the key requirements that need to be met is the availability of this option on the platform you use for owning crypto. Although it is a common phenomenon, not all platforms allow that. Irrespective of a high risk of loss, investing in crypto using the Roth IRA can get huge benefits if things work out just fine for you. What is a Roth IRA? Roth IRA is a term used for the ... Read More