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Compare joint venture and partnership.

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The major differences between joint venture and partnership are as follows −Joint VentureIt is a trade formed by two or more individuals.The duration of time is fixed.The parties are called Co-Ventures.The profit/loss are distributed on interim basis.There are no specific governing laws.A specific name is not required.The accounts may/may not be separately maintained.It follows liquidation accounting.It includes profit-seeking ventures.A minor is not accepted as a Co-Venturer.PartnershipIt is an agreement made by two or more individuals having respective proportionate shares to start a business.The duration of time is not fixed.The parties are called partners.The profit is distributed annually.It is regulated by ... Read More

What are the differences between direct tax and indirect tax?

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The major differences between direct tax and indirect tax are as follows −Direct TaxIndirect TaxIt is the tax on income/profits.Individuals, firms, companies pay direct taxes.It is applicable to taxpayer.It is burden on individual.It can’t be transferred to others.It covers an entity/individual.It has high administrative cost.Tax evasion is possible.It includes good allocative effects (less burden).It may reduce inflation.It results in lesser savings, investments demoralising.The mode of progress is progressive.It is difficult to collect taxes.It includes income tax, wealth tax and corporate tax.It is the tax on goods and services.End consumer of service/goods are taxpayers.It is applicable at each stage of production/distribution ... Read More

Compare bidding and auction.

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The major differences between bidding and auction are as follows −BiddingBuyer buys the commodity by offering a bid/price.It includes competitive offer for a product/service.It shows value/demand for a product/service.The main aim is to win the contract/bid that put for an auction.It creates competition to increase demand for a commodity.For organisations, bids are allotted for lower bid with proper quotations and paper works.AuctionIt is held to get better value for goods/service sold.It is the process of buying/selling.Bidders are allowed to place the bid and highest bidder will be allotted the goods/services.The main aim is to get best/highest price for a good/service.The ... Read More

Write the difference between investment and speculations.

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The major differences between investment and speculations are as follows −InvestmentPurchasing an asset/security for good returns is termed as an investment.It is long term and has moderate risk.Investors will go for the cautions and conservative approach.The decision is made on financial performance of a company.The returns are modest and continuous.It is used for self.Examples &minnus; stock markets, bonds, mutual funds etc.SpeculationsA risky financial transaction for high profits is termed as speculation.It is short term (less than a year).An investor will go for an aggressive approach.The decision is made on technical charts, market psychology and individual decisions.It excepts return at high ... Read More

What are the differences between interest rate and annual percentage rate?

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The major differences between interest rate and annual percentage rate are as follows −Interest rateIt is used to calculate monthly payments/EMIs of loans.It relates to cost of borrowing.The formula to calculate the interest rate is as follows − A = P(1+rt), where, A implies simple interest, P for principle amount, r for interest rate, t is time period.It impacts outstanding debt amount.The high interest rates are preferred.Annual percentage rateIt provides full information on principle amount which reflects cost of loan.It relates to total cost of loan.The formula to calculate annual percentage rate is as follows − Annual percentage rate = ... Read More

Compare industry and sector.

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The major differences between industry and sector are as follows −IndustryIt includes group of organisation/firms who produces similar products/goods.It comprises grouping of companies/enterprises based on their business activities.It is categorised based on their process.The scope is narrow and it has a specific term.There are different firms which can for form cluster.It is ranked after sector.It has specific analysis view.Examples − manufacturing industry, extractive industry, construction industry etc.SectorIt includes business groups, which are having similar services/products.It comprises of entities/companies having similar processes/product line/operating activities.It is categorised based on business activities.It has wide scope and a general term.Industries combined to form sectors.It ... Read More

Distinguish between entrepreneurship and management.

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The major differences between entrepreneurship and management are as follows −EntrepreneurshipManagementEntrepreneurship refers to creating a company/firm by considering financial risk.It motivates to start a business.It includes start-ups , venturesTagged as owner.The rewards come in form of profits.It accepts risks.It sets goals.The decisions are made on personal perception.Includes innovator.The process is centralised.Opportunity recognition, feasibility analysis, business planning and runningPart of managementContemporary aspects includes social entrepreneurship, venture growth etc.Management refers to doing business activities by a group of people or by organized groups.It motivates to manage business.It will take care of the ongoing operationsTagged as an employee.Employees get their salaries.It does not ... Read More

Compare time and money.

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The major differences between time and money are as follows −TimeIt is defined as hours spend on work.It is measured in terms of seconds, minutes, hours.It is more valuable than money.Its value remains constant.The value earned differ from person to person.It is neither earned nor purchased.It is not constant and can’t be saved.It is limitedIt plays an important role in earning.It can’t make future contingency.We can’t control time.MoneyIt is defined as an amount earned for work done.It is measured in terms of value, exchange and payments.It depends on time.Its value decreases with time.The value of money remains same for all.It ... Read More

Write the difference between shareholder and stakeholder.

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The major differences between shareholder and stakeholder are as follows −ShareholderThey are people who owns the share of the company.They act as owners and are a subset.There are limited shareholders for a company.A company includes equity and preference shareholders.They focus on investment.They have direct impact on financial performances.They have single dimension.The success is measured by value enhancement.Their main aim is to increase profitability, increase dividends, increase share price and maximise shareholders value.StakeholderIt’s a party who have a stake in a company.They are interested parties and are a super set.Every company/organisation have stakeholders.Stakeholders includes shareholders, creditors, customers, suppliers etc.They focus on ... Read More

Compare credit and debit.

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The major differences between credit and debit are as follows −CreditIt decreases in assets and increases in liabilities.It indicates the amount withdrawn.It represents in the right side of T format ledger.It is recorded as GIVER in a personal account.It is an amount What Goes Out in real account.It records all incomes and gains in Nominal account.DebitIt increases in assets and decreases in liabilities.It indicates an increase in asset/amount.It represents the left side of T Format ledger.It is recorded as RECEIVER in personal account.It is an amount What Goes In, in real account.It records all expenses and losses in Nominal account.Read More