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Nostalgic Modernity in Retro Style

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 27-Oct-2022 12:25:54
Nostalgia is a fondness for the past that can be felt in the present as well as in the past. This form of affection, when it comes to the domain of appearance, becomes retro style or fashion. What is Retro Style? A retro style is specifically the old fashion that was in style in the past but has also become part of modern fashion and is known as the retro style. This style is mainly taken from the span of 2−3 decades, which means 20–30 years from modern times. People tend to dress in the old style and try ... Read More

Wrestling Singlet: A Piece of Strength

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 25-Oct-2022 12:28:43
Wrestling is an ancient sport for human beings. With the development of civilizations, different sports have been developed and hence to make it more functional and error free, different new rules and safety designed. Earlier, these types of games could be bloody and life−threatening according to Jangle's rules and to the survival of the fittest. A wrestling singlet is a piece of fighting or wrestling apparel to protect the game and the wrestler. A wrestling singlet is a very essential piece of equipment for wrestling. Without it, the performance of a wrestler can be hampered. When one wrestler garbs another, ... Read More

Wreath Attire

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 25-Oct-2022 12:28:16
This kind of attire is a traditional kind of attire that is mostly followed in the Greek areas. The person who wears this kind of attire will be considered the closest person to a particular deity. If you can observe the history of different countries, they dedicated various trees to various gods and deities. This wreath attire contains the flowers, fruits, leaves, and branches of those trees that are dedicated to a particular guest of devotion. This wedding attire is used in different ways in different countries. The Greeks do receive this fashion in a much different way than the ... Read More

Vintage Design: A Classic Way of Fashion

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 25-Oct-2022 12:27:12
We are a vintage design that is both classic and unique. So, we love and appreciate vintage designs. A vintage design exudes a classic fragrance of fashion that is impossible to resist. Who doesn’t want to be unique and look stunning in this world of fashion? People always want to look better than others and give others some feelings of jealousy. No other items or fashion could replace our grandmother’s classic embroidered white saari or a classic sherwani from ancient times. We always want to see what is real, what is a unique piece. Because our history is linked to ... Read More

Hippie vs. Hipster Fashion

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 25-Oct-2022 12:26:11
A person who enjoys things that are viewed as being outside of the so−called social mainstream is referred to as a hipster. A hipster is often a non−traditional individual who is embracing the cutting−edge trend, which is typically unconventional and edgy. A hipster is allowed to be ridiculous about popular taste in the name of freedom of speech. What is Hippie Fashion? The hippies' protest against capitalism gave them a pass on any etiquette or rules regarding clothing. They planned their attire to disrupt harmonies and uniformity. The mixtures were crazy and chaotic. They exhibited repurposed old clothing, proclaiming them ... Read More

Counter-Culture: A Revolution

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 25-Oct-2022 12:25:31
In the human history of evolution, we have always appreciated new cultural phenomena and new evolutions. The life span of a human is associated with movement and progress. We are progressive creatures, whether it decreases our way of life’s value or increases the value of lifestyles. Matter is alive, and anyone who is moving is alive. Counter−culture is a protest and rebellion against the cold−blooded men and women who want to control the economy, culture, music, and media. Also, what we can eat or wear, how we will dress, how we will carry ourselves with the era, the era or ... Read More

Cottagecore Fashion

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 25-Oct-2022 12:24:06
Although the cottagecore style has existed since the late 2010s, it really took off in 2020 with the beginning of the pandemic. It isn’t hard to understand the appeal of thinking about escaping first from the world and then becoming immersed in a jungle, like something of a cinematic character, specifically for those living in the city, when everyone is under quarantine. Making bread, playing Animal Crossing, and listening to Taylor Swift’s new album are just a few of the comforting things we do during quarantine. Cottagecore also gained popularity at a period when consumers of fashion began to place ... Read More

2010’s Fashion

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 25-Oct-2022 12:21:34
This fashion trend of 2010 is mostly defined by hipster fashion. Not only hipster fashion, but there are also many international trends born during this era. Some of the most famous ones are the Amped runway trends, sleeveless trends, and streetwear trends. During this era, many streetwear trends have gone gaga all over the world. The most famous items of this age are black boots, leather jackets, bombers, jerseys, jeans, jackets, sweatpants, trousers, leggings, and many other mixed forms. Kim Kardashian West, Bella Hadid, and some more pop stars have made the fashion of this decade a bit grander ... Read More

Fashion in 1970s

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 21-Oct-2022 08:01:54
The emphasis on fitted shapes, ease of dressing, and indeed the Halston effect are some of the factors that set the ‘70s apart as a decade in terms of fashion. Due to its strong eye for minimalism and languid fabrics like cashmere and ultra−suede, the renowned designer’s dresses stand out. Instead of the other way around, women wore the garments in the 1970s. Image Coming soon From bell sleeves and flares to shearling coats and miniskirts, the decade gave rise to a diverse range of fashion inspirations that developed during a ten−year period. The emergence of disco and ... Read More

Types of Children’s wear Fabric

Updated on 13-Oct-2022 11:19:47
Types of Children’s wear Fabric It is the most crucial and concentrated factor when it comes to children is "care." Children’s skin is very soft and delicate, so they need clothing that would not injure them. Because of their delicate skin, which could be easily damaged, it is crucial to choose the right fabric for clothing to shield them from harm and dust. What is Fabric? Fabric is usually cloth or other material produced by weaving or knitting fibres. Fibers could be either manmade or naturally produced. Based on the ways it is produced, it can be classified into ... Read More
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