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What is Web Search Engines?

Updated on 17-Feb-2022 12:55:29
A web search engine is a specialized computer server that searches for data on the Web. The search results of a user query are restored as a list (known as hits). The hits can include web pages, images, and different types of files.There are various search engines also search and return data available in public databases or open directories. Search engines differ from web directories in that web directories are supported by human editors whereas search engines works algorithmically or by a combination of algorithmic and human input.Web search engines are large data mining applications. There are several data mining ... Read More

How is the derived model presented in data mining?

Updated on 17-Feb-2022 12:54:04
Classification is the procedure of discovering a model that defines and categorize data classes or concepts. The model are based on the search of a set of training data (i.e., data objects for which the class labels are famous). The model can predict the class label of objects for which the class label is anonymous.The derived model can be represented in several forms, including classification rules (i.e., IF-THEN rules), decision trees, numerical formulae, or neural networks. A decision tree is a flowchart-like tree architecture, where each node indicates a test on an attribute value, each branch defines an outcome of ... Read More

How can these principles help protect customers from companies that collect personal client data?

Updated on 17-Feb-2022 12:52:32
One solution is for such companies to support consumers with several opt-out choices, enabling consumers to describe limitations on the use of their personal information, such asThe consumer’s personal data are not to be utilized at all for data mining.The consumer’s data can be used for data mining, but the identity of each consumer or some data that can lead to the disclosure of a person’s identity should be deleted.The data can be used for in-house mining only.The data can be used in-house and externally as well.Furthermore, companies can support consumers with positive consent, i.e., by enabling consumers to opt ... Read More

What is Visual and Audio Data Mining?

Updated on 17-Feb-2022 12:50:14
Visual data mining finds implicit and beneficial knowledge from huge data sets using data and knowledge visualization methods. The human visual system is managed by the eyes and brain, the latter of which can be think of as a dynamic, largely parallel processing and reasoning engine including a huge knowledge base.Visual data mining can be considered as a unification of two disciplines such as data visualization and data mining. It can also associated with computer graphics, multimedia systems, human computer interaction, pattern identification, and highperformance computing.In general, data visualization and data mining can be integrated in the following ways −Data ... Read More

What is the theoretical foundations of Data Mining?

Updated on 17-Feb-2022 12:35:53
There are several theories for the basis of data mining include the following −Data reduction − In this theory, the basis of data mining is to reduce the data representation. Data reduction trades certainty for speed in response to the need to obtain fast approximate answers to queries on huge databases.Data reduction methods include singular value decomposition (the driving component behind principal components analysis), wavelets, regression, log-linear models, histograms, clustering, sampling, and the development of index trees.Data compression − According to this theory, the basis of data mining is to compress the given information by encoding in terms of bits, ... Read More

What is Web usage mining?

Updated on 17-Feb-2022 12:34:11
Web usage mining is used to derive useful data, information, knowledge from the weblog data, and helps in identifying the user access designs for web pages.In Mining, the management of web resources, the individual is thinking about data of requests of visitors of a website that are composed as web server logs. While the content and mechanism of the set of web pages follow the intentions of the authors of the pages, the single requests shows how the users view these pages. Web usage mining can disclose relationships that were not suggested by the designer of the pages.A web server ... Read More

How can we use hub pages to find authoritative pages?

Updated on 17-Feb-2022 12:32:25
A hub is a set of Web pages that supports sets of links to authorities. Hub pages cannot be prominent, or there can exist some links pointing to them; however, they supports links to a set of prominent sites on a general topic.Such pages can be lists of recommended connections on single home pages, including recommended reference sites from a course home page, or professionally massed resource documents on commercial sites. Hub pages play an essential role of implicitly conferring authorities on a targeted topic.In general, a good hub is a page that points to several good authorities; a good ... Read More

What is Document Clustering Analysis?

Updated on 17-Feb-2022 12:30:24
Document clustering is the important techniques for organizing files in an unsupervised manner. When documents are represented as term vectors, the clustering methods can be applied. The document space is continually of large dimensionality, ranging from various hundreds to thousands.Due to the curse of dimensionality, it makes sense to first project the documents into a lowerdimensional subspace in which the semantic structure of the document space becomes clear. In the low-dimensional semantic areas, the traditional clustering algorithms can be used.There are several methods of document clustering analysis is as follows −Spectral clustering − The spectral clustering method first performs spectral ... Read More

How can automated document classification be performed?

Updated on 17-Feb-2022 12:20:22
Automated document classification is an essential text mining service because the existence of a tremendous number of on-line files, it is endless yet important to be able to automatically organize such records into classes to support document retrieval and sucessive analysis.Document classification has been used in automated topic tagging (i.e., assigning labels to documents), topic directory construction, and identification of the document writing styles and defining the goals of hyperlinks related to a set of documents.A general procedure is as follows − First, a group of preclassified files is taken as the training set. The training set is analyzed to ... Read More

What about using statistical techniques for spatial data mining?

Updated on 17-Feb-2022 11:55:56
Statistical spatial data analysis has been a famous techniques to exploring spatial data and analysing geographic data. The term geostatistics is related to continuous geographic area, whereas the term spatial statistics is related to discrete space.In a statistical model that manages non-spatial records, one generally consider statistical independence between different areas of data. However, different from traditional data sets, there is no such independence among spatially distributed data because in reality, spatial objects are often interrelated, or more exactly spatially colocated, in the sense that the closer the two objects are placed, the more possible they share same properties.For instance, ... Read More