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What is the Main Purpose of Blockchain?

Riddhi Sultania
Updated on 13-Oct-2022 14:08:57
Introduction Blockchains often referred to as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), are distributed databases shared among computer network nodes. The blockchains are considered to be safe as they do not allow editing and can just be shared. Furthermore, in blockchains, the records of transactions cannot be destroyed or deleted.History of blockchainsThe blockchains have become the foundation of record-keeping systems gaining recognition some 10 years back. There was not a single brain behind the entire blockchain system; it was a cumulative effort of people who were behind the cash currency bitcoin and had the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2008, the workers ... Read More

How to perform an exchange on sushiswap Blockchain?

Gaurav Tiwari
Updated on 22-Sep-2022 12:29:57
Introduction ( what is Sushiswap ? ) Sushiswap is a Decentralized blockchain application also known as DAPP. It is a digital exchange where we can deal with blockchain-based assets or tokens ( Cryptocurrencies ). Decentralized = Non-influenced or controlled by any individual or group A decentralized exchange offers famous services like Trading, Swapping, and Liquidity pools. Decentralization works upon distributed and peer-to-peer network connections and Sushiswap does in the same way. It provides a way to transact between peers and minimizes the transaction fee and leverages the reward to its users in terms of Sushi tokens. Key features Sushiswap ... Read More

How to Build a Smart Contract in Blockchain?

Gaurav Tiwari
Updated on 22-Sep-2022 12:27:30
A smart contract is nothing but a piece of code (computer program) that uses distributed ledger technology to follow the core principle of blockchain i.e distributed, trustless, and transparency. It is an immutable (Non- changeable) digital file having data and predefined code with an address on the network. That predefined code of conditions defined in the smart contract should be met and verified on specific event occurrences for smooth execution. It follows the logic of If/else and do/while. It is used to automate the execution of programs to save time without using intermediaries. It has various advantages over the conventional ... Read More

How to add Tokens to the test network Metamask?

Gaurav Tiwari
Updated on 22-Sep-2022 12:19:58
Today In the computer industry, testing becomes more inclined to better quality and optimization, without any delay in operation and execution of business requirements. Developing good quality products and services without incorporating higher costs into their production becomes a tedious task. And this becomes more problematic when we are in blockchain technology where everything is linked to crypto transactions even for small amounts of transactions. The testing environment gives us a better solution to pre-production in blockchain development where we can use Test Tokens, also known asTest Faucets for our smart contract deployment. These test Faucets have no value in ... Read More

Difference between Edge Computing and Distributed Computing

Manisha Shejwal
Updated on 03-Aug-2022 12:04:22
Information Technology used traditional centralized computing framework for many years, where one server was connected to multiple clients and was responsible to fulfill the requests coming from them. This client-server architecture has its own limitations such as possibility of scaling to some extent only vertically, ability of the server to process only certain number of requests when all clients send requests at a time, and threat to functionality if the server fails. The shortfalls were overcome by Distributed computing and then further with Edge computing frameworks. This article briefly elaborates on each of the computing frameworks and the differences between ... Read More

Difference between Batch Processing and Stream Processing

Manisha Shejwal
Updated on 03-Aug-2022 11:57:43
Computer systems have been handling data since decades, but the volume and speed of handling has become phenomenal in the last few years. Data processing means "the collection and manipulation of items of data to produce meaningful information", has been evolving in terms of speed, efficiency, and leveraging the computing resources, till date. In this article, we will see two important techniques of data processing in the field of computation − Batch processing and Stream processing. We will elaborate them in detail and see how they are different. What is Batch Processing? Batch processing is technique of processing large amount ... Read More

Difference between Baseband and Broadband Transmission

Manisha Shejwal
Updated on 03-Aug-2022 11:45:05
Data transmission has been crucial in the age of digital communication. Either digital or analogue data can be transmitted over a communication medium to one or more devices, depending on the interfaces in use. There are two important types of data transmission − Baseband and Broadband. Read through this article to understand each type of transmission and the differences between them. What is Baseband Transmission? It is a transmission technology where a single signal is either sent or received through a communication channel such as a cable, in the form of discrete pulses of the single frequency. The frequency of ... Read More

Difference between a Managed and an Unmanaged Switch

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 22-Jul-2022 07:09:51
When a network is being designed, the "network switch" that is employed is considered to be the "brain" of the network. The networking hardware ensures that all of the devices remain linked to one another at all times. Therefore, it is essential to select and set up an ideal network switch.Switches can vary in both their physical dimensions and the number of ports that they offer. They can have a maximum of forty-eight ports between them. Two of the most prevalent types of switches are managed and unmanaged switches.What is a Managed Switch?Managed switches are famous for their redundancy, in ... Read More

Difference between Gateway and Firewall

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 06-Jul-2022 12:25:49
A gateway is a piece of networking hardware or a network node that allows two separate networks to communicate with one another. Computers and routers are the most typical gateways that can connect a company to the internet. A firewall is a network security system that determines which data packets are allowed to access the network.Read through this article to find out how Gateways are different from Firewalls.What is a Gateway?A gateway is a network hardware device, sometimes known as a network node, that establishes a connection between a host network and a remote network. Because the gateway serves as ... Read More

What is a CDN? (Functions, How does it work, Advantages)

Pranav Bhardwaj
Updated on 02-Jun-2022 10:09:54
What is a Content Delivery Network?A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a collection of computers that keep data copies at several network nodes. A well-designed and adequately executed CDN increases data access by increasing bandwidth and reducing access latency. Web objects, apps, database queries, downloadable data objects, and video streams are all examples of CDN content.A CDN is a collection of computer nodes connected over the Internet to give users access to massive volumes of video or data. CDNs are also known as Content Distribution Networks.A CDN architecture comprises numerous independent components that all work together to give service to ... Read More