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Server Side Programming Questions
When I am running the following code, I am getting an error. OUTPUT How to use try, except and finally statements in python to handle exceptions like above?
When I type say 3/0 at python prompt, I get an error as follows. OUTPUT How to handle errors/exceptions in python?
When I run the following code, I am getting an error as follows. OUTPUT How to address this problem?
There are two similar codes as follows. and: I would like to know if there is any change in functionality with the change in syntax.
When you just want to do run a try-except block without handling the exception; how do you do it in Python?
I have a code using 'for loop' that throws an exception.  How do I catch this exception in the loop in above code?
I have a list comprehension in Python in which an iteration can throw an exception. For instance, if I have: I'll get an exception while iterating over element ‘0’ of the tuple. How can I handle this exception and continue execution of the list comprehension?
I want to know what all standard exceptions are there in python. Where can I find a list of standard python exceptions?
I can know if a variable is defined or not using exception handling as follows. I want to find if a variable in a python code exists or not without using try-except block.
I am new to Python programming and I am learning exception handling. Is there any command or code snippet in python to print the Exception/Error Class hierarchy?  The output should on the lines of the following: http://docs.python.org/2/library/exceptions.html#exception-hierarchy
I have written a C extension and I want to raise a python exception from this code. Any help in this matter is appreciated.
I want to test the following code both with and without using assert statement How can I raise AssertionError for the same code?
In the following code I am able to pass an argument list to a python function both implicitly and explicitly and call it. How was this made possible? 
If I use the following code I am able to pass keyword parameters to a python function. How is this possible?
When I am using the following code I am able to use variable-length arguments in a python function? How is it possible?

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