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Server Side Programming Questions
It is found that some functions in python exist purely to perform certain actions rather than to calculate and return something. How do such functions return none and what are they called?
I have two strings in camel case as follows How do I use a python function to convert the camel case of these strings into snake case?
I have an application that has functions and classes which contain docstrings.  I want documentation to be generated from these doctrings into a neat format. What are the softwares available that automate documentation in python?
Suppose, I have a text file having repeated lines as follows How do I use a python function to eliminate the repeated lines in the text file?
Basically, when Python parses the following code:  it looks up bar in foo, and then examines bar.  When does bar become a property of the object rather than just an attribute? 
I have this code Why are the functions in this code all returning None in this code?
I have this python code. When this code is run, I get an error for the second function call with a single argument. In this context, what are required arguments of a function in python?
Does python allow function arguments to have default values? Does the argument gets its default value if the function is called without the argument?
Are some characters other than alphabets, numbers and underscores allowed in python names or python identifiers? If yes, what are those characters?
How do I use the unittest module to test if a function throws an exception or not? How do I test if a function involving addition of an integer and a string throw an exception or not?
It is found that if python code is run normally and then if it is run in a python function, it runs faster in the latter case. I want to know why python code runs faster in a function.
What are the basic scoping rules for python variables? How do these rules apply to various scopes like the local scope, built in scope, global scope and so on?
I like to run a python function using the command line in Eclipse, just like running code from the normal Python Shell. How do I do that?
I have this code where an employee class and employee function have been created.How to use sqlite3 to store and manipulate data through a python function?

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