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Excel tutorial – extract text or number by specific position

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 10-Sep-2022 08:00:50
You may find that in many situations, all that is required of you is to extract the useful content from a sentence or a text string contained within a cell. For example, you may need to extract the province from the address, extract the email address from a sentence, or extract the courier bill number from a conversation. This article provides a collection of alternative ways that can assist in extracting text or numbers from a cell in Excel based on the precise position of the cell. The extraction is narrowed down to a certain place in the cell. Extract ... Read More

Excel Tutorial: Combine Multiple Workbooks/Worksheets into One

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 10-Sep-2022 08:01:26
If there are only a few workbooks that need to be merged, you can manually move or copy worksheets from the original workbook to the master workbook by making use of the Move or Copy command, which is available if there are only a few workbooks that need to be combined. Combine Multiple worksheets/workbooks into one Let’s understand step by step. Step 1 In the first step, add few sheets in excel workbook as shown in the below screenshot. Step 2 As said in the previous step, add sheets and name the sheets. Refer to below screenshot. Step ... Read More

Excel random data: generate random numbers, texts, dates, times in Excel

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 10-Sep-2022 08:01:58
When faced with a frequent scenario, the majority of us may be required to input arbitrary numbers, dates, or text strings according to our preferences. However, at times, have you ever attempted to insert times into a range of cells in a random range? This function's name is RAND(). Excel will return a number that is either higher than or equal to 0 (zero), but it will never return 1. It is possible to generate random integers, text, date and time values, and even dates and times by combining the RAND() function with a few additional functions. Random numbers shows ... Read More

Excel images: Insert, change, delete multiple images or pictures in Excel

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 10-Sep-2022 08:02:49
We are going to go over how to insert multiple photos into cells and scale them to match the size of the cell, as well as how to put an image into a comment, header, or footer, as well as how to insert images from URLs, and other related topics. In addition to that, it describes how to save, rename, and remove numerous photos simultaneously in Excel. Insert image The majority of us will find that inserting photographs that are saved on the computer into the spreadsheet is a simple process. Kindly follow these guidelines. Step 1 select the Pictures ... Read More

Excel hyperlink tutorial: create, change, use and remove in Excel

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 10-Sep-2022 08:03:23
To the best of our knowledge, hyperlinks may be utilised to browse between different websites on the internet. You may access a web page by using a hyperlink that you make in Excel. You can also construct a hyperlink that links to a cell, worksheet, or workbook, among other things. To assist you in rapidly acquiring proficiency with hyperlinks in Excel, this lesson will progressively walk you through the processes of creating, changing, using, and removing hyperlinks. Create hyperlink In addition to using the Insert Hyperlink command, the HYPERLINK function is another option for you to consider when creating a ... Read More

Excel Filter: How to Add, Use and Remove filter in Excel

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 10-Sep-2022 08:03:48
Using the Excel Filter command, you may filter the data in a range or table so that only the data you require is displayed and the rest of the data is hidden. You can easily filter numbers, texts, or dates by using the built-in operators that it provides. For example, you can filter all numbers that are greater than or equal to a specific number; filter text that begins, ends, or contains a specific character or word; or only show rows where the due date is before or after a specific date. After you have filtered the data in a ... Read More

Excel drop down list: create, edit, remove and more advanced operations

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 10-Sep-2022 08:04:15
The drop-down list is a kind of list box that displays a selection list and enables users to choose a single item from the list. This article is going to teach the fundamental procedures for working with drop-down lists, including how to create, modify, and delete drop-down lists in Excel. In addition to that, this article explains advanced procedures for drop-down lists, which improve their usefulness and enable them to resolve other Excel problems. Create drop down list Step 1 There are a lot of various approaches to making a drop-down list, and consequently, there are a lot of different ... Read More

Excel data validation: Add, use, copy and remove data validation in Excel

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 10-Sep-2022 08:04:39
You may restrict what users are able to type into a cell by using a handy function called Data Validation. This feature allows you to restrict what users can input into a cell. For instance, the data validation tool may assist you in limiting the length of text strings, or text starting / ending with certain characters, or the number of unique values that must be input, and so on. Add Data Validation Step 1 − Choose the cells in which you wish to set the data validation and add them to the list. Step 2 − Click Data ... Read More

Excel comments: Add, Show/hide, modify, delete, and more advanced operations

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 10-Sep-2022 08:05:11
Excel comments are available to users during the creation process of an Excel workbook and can be used for a variety of purposes. One of the applications for this function is to provide an explanation of a formula that is now being used in a cell, which is especially helpful when other people will be using the Excel file. In addition, comments in Excel can be used to add reminders or notes for other users, as well as to cross-reference with other Excel workbooks. This functionality is already available in Excel. Excel gives users the option to resize comments, alter ... Read More

Excel cell conversion tutorial – Convert units, text and number, currencies, time zones, etc

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 10-Sep-2022 07:53:06
When dealing with data in Excel, there are instances when you may find that you need to do certain data conversions on cells, such as converting units, converting currencies, converting time zones, and so on. Convert Units In most cases, when we need to convert a number from one unit of measure to another, we will utilize the CONVERT function. However, the CONVERT function will not operate properly for some of the unit conversions that you attempt. Step 1 You may use the CONVERT function to convert the inches specified in the range to the corresponding values in feet, centimeters, ... Read More
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