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How to Add Percentage of Grand Total/Subtotal Column in an Excel Pivot Table?

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 29-Sep-2022 09:39:20
When we create a pivot table in excel where there is a list of items and you want to know their share in the list in percentage. Read through this tutorial to understand how you can create a new column where it shows the percentage of grand total or subtotal column in a excel pivot table in a simple process. How to Add Percentage of Grand Total Column in Excel Pivot Table Let us see a simple process to add percentage column of total column in an Excel pivot table − Step 1 Let us assume the Excel sheet where ... Read More

How To Clear The Entire Sheet Or Specified Range In Excel?

Shibanshu Manna
Updated on 20-Sep-2022 07:37:40
Do you often encounter too much data and spend a lot of time selecting and clearing Excel sheets? If so, this tutorial will be helpful to you. When analysing elaborative Excel worksheets, removing non-relevant information often makes it easier to study them. This tutorial explains how to clear an entire spreadsheet and a specified range in MS Excel using two simple methods Method 1: How to Clear The Entire Sheet? This is an easy procedure. If you want to clear the entire sheet, you can use a keyboard shortcut or from the corner cell. We learn how to do ... Read More

How to Check The Size of Each Worksheet of a Workbook?

Shibanshu Manna
Updated on 20-Sep-2022 07:36:32
It is commonly known that when you right-click on an Excel file, you can see its properties and size. But what about when you want to know the size of individual worksheets within the file? Accountants and data analysts maintain large Excel workbooks with multiple worksheets. Understanding the file size can help determine the best way to analyze it. Some might want to begin with the heavy worksheet, or some may start with the lighter one. It often turns out that one sheet takes up the majority of the space in the workbook. This tutorial explains how to identify the ... Read More

How To Check If Time Is Greater Than Or Less Than A Specific Time In Excel?

Shibanshu Manna
Updated on 20-Sep-2022 07:35:26
"Lost time is never found again." Many organisations and professionals are looking for the best way to make the most of their time. Microsoft Excel has the necessary tools and functions to measure time quantitatively. Using an example dataset, we will demonstrate how to measure time against a specific time in Excel using two formulas mentioned in the steps. Find out how in the following steps. Method 1: Measuring Time with a Logical Function We use an example of 9 students who had to submit their assignments before 03:30 PM. Their submission time is recorded in the spreadsheet below. In ... Read More

How To Check If Time Is Between Two Times In Excel?

Shibanshu Manna
Updated on 20-Sep-2022 07:34:09
MS Excel is handy when you need to keep track of your time and make the most of your resources. Suppose you want to find out how long it takes employees to complete an assignment. You can log the times in your spreadsheet and run a simple function to check if resources are being optimised or not. In light of the results, you can highlight which reports were submitted after the deadline. With two formulas, this tutorial demonstrates how to determine whether a specific time is within a particular range. Using the Nested “IF” Function A logical function, ... Read More

How To Check If The Time Difference Is Greater Than A Specific Time?

Shibanshu Manna
Updated on 20-Sep-2022 07:32:42
Microsoft Excel has the potential to make your professional life easy. It helps you organise, evaluate, and calculate data reliably. Managers and administrators can make relevant decisions that benefit their organisations using the various tools and functions available on the software. With Excel, you can also check the time difference over a specific period. Using this simple method in this tutorial, you can determine if a time difference is greater than a particular period in any given situation. Comparing Time Difference with a Specific Duration Using an Array Formula Suppose you maintain an employee log-in sheet and must determine ... Read More

How To Check If The Number Is A Prime Number In Excel?

Shibanshu Manna
Updated on 20-Sep-2022 07:30:43
What if you could find out whether a number in your Excel data set is prime or not in less than 5 steps? We will tell you how in this tutorial, but first, let us understand what a prime number is. A prime number is a number which is divisible only by 1 and itself, and the number 1 is not a prime number. Applying this simple definition, you can use the formula described in the steps to determine if a number is indeed a prime number or not. Array Formula For Checking Prime Numbers An array formula ... Read More

How To Check If The Number Is Integer In Excel?

Shibanshu Manna
Updated on 20-Sep-2022 07:28:17
Are you looking for a simple and quick way to find if the numbers in your data set are integers or not? Well, if you are using Microsoft Excel, the answer is here! An integer is a whole number that can be positive, negative, or 0 but cannot be a fractional number. There are formulas in Excel that help professionals identify the integers in data sets. In this article, we explain two techniques and how to use them. Technique 1: Using the INT Function With Excel's INT function =INT(), you can find the integer fraction of a number, and ... Read More

How To Check If The First Letter In A Specific Cell Is Capital In Excel?

Shibanshu Manna
Updated on 20-Sep-2022 07:24:42
When it comes to text in MS Excel, one of the most commonly required tasks is to capitalize the first letters in the cells if it contains names, tasks, products, places, or anything else. Unlike Microsoft Word, Excel does not offer the Change Case button, which allows the capitalization of texts. Human errors, such as not capitalizing the relevant letters in the spreadsheet, are common when entering a lot of data. When this happens, one wonders how to quickly check whether a certain cell has a capital letter in the first letter. In this tutorial, we teach how to ... Read More

How To Check If The Email Address Is Valid Or Not In Excel?

Shibanshu Manna
Updated on 20-Sep-2022 07:28:36
Planning to send emails but worried some addresses may be entered incorrectly in your spreadsheet? When mailing your clients, you may often see more than one invalid email. Thanks to Microsoft Excel, you can identify these email addresses and correct them as required. This process is also known as data cleansing. Cleaning your data ensures that your spreadsheet only contains relevant information so you can easily move on to the next task. The goal is to repair any data that is wrong, incomplete, poorly structured, duplicated, or even unrelated to the data set's mission. Find Invalid Email Address ... Read More