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How to Convert Date Stored as Text to Date in Excel?

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 07-Jul-2022 14:25:13
When we need to conduct trend analysis, dates act as essential elements. Dates play an important role and you need to make sure that they are conveyed in the best possible way. There are times when dates might end up being formatted as text and saved in the cells.You may have, for instance, placed a date into a cell in text format, or the date may have been imported or pasted from an external data source as text.Convert Text Dates with Two-Digit Years by Using Error CheckingIn this tutorial, we will discuss two methods to convert text formatted dates to ... Read More

How to AutoSum Multiple Rows and Columns in Excel?

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 07-Jul-2022 14:16:58
Using the SUM method in Excel, we can normally total up the values in a column or row. In point of fact, rather than manually putting the SUM formula into a cell, we may use the AutoSum formula to calculate the sum of the values in a far more expedient manner. Within Excel, there is a formula known as AutoSum, which I shall explain below. Excel can automatically compute the total of a column or row of numbers when you ask it to do so.Excel will automatically enter a formula to sum the numbers (one that makes use of the ... Read More

How to Combine Data from Multiple Excel Worksheets into One?

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 07-Jul-2022 14:11:59
There are situations when the data that you require is scattered across numerous sheets in Microsoft Excel, or even multiple files. How wonderful it would be if you could collect all this data in a single document?When you are in a hurry, you can save time by simply copying and pasting the necessary cells onto the same sheet. However, the amount of time and effort required to complete this task may be quite substantial, depending on the data that you are analyzing. Instead, you could think about some of the more intelligent approaches to complete the same task.In this tutorial, ... Read More

How to Calculate Age in Excel from Birthday?

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 07-Jul-2022 14:07:21
Suppose you have compiled a list of the student’s dates of birth in an Excel spreadsheet, and at this point, you need to figure out how old each one of them is. Excel has a number of useful functions, like DATEDIF and YEARFRAC, that can make it easy to figure out a student’s age based on their birth date.Using the DATEDIF FunctionThe DATEDIF function can convert the birth date to the current age. The general syntax for this is as follows −=DATEDIF(birthdate, TODAY(), "y")Where, Birthdate − The date that corresponds to the student's actual birthday.TODAY() − The current date is ... Read More

How to Automatically Fill Increment Cells in Excel?

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 07-Jul-2022 14:00:40
When dealing with Excel sheets, filling increment cells is a very regular task to complete. Cells that contain numerical values that are organized in a column according to a predetermined increment value are referred to as increment cells. This might be a series of sequential numbers such as 1, 2, 3, and so on, or it might be a series of numbers with fixed increments such as 12, 14, 16, 18 and so on.In this tutorial, you are going to learn various solutions to automatically increment cells in excel.Using Autofill FunctionUsing the Autofill function, it is possible to automatically fill ... Read More

How to Add and Subtract Dates and Times in Excel?

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 07-Jul-2022 13:58:00
Changing the dates on a spreadsheet can be a time-consuming process. You can change the dates without having to get out your calendar to count the days or months because you can do so directly in Microsoft Excel by using basic addition or subtraction.Adjusting the dates does not have to be a burden, regardless of whether this is a project schedule with due dates, a budget with dates when bills are due, or an order sheet with shipment dates. You can enter the addition or subtraction, and the new dates will be automatically calculated for you after a few straightforward ... Read More

How to Add a Blank Option to a Drop-Down List in Excel?

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 07-Jul-2022 13:45:29
It's possible that you'll come across situations where you'll need to provide your users with the opportunity to choose a bank or empty value from a Data Validation drop-down list at some point. Because users need just tap the Delete or Backspace key on their keyboards to wipe away the cell value, this modification may be classified as a "nice-to-have." On the other hand, I've discovered that this very little improvement might help the user-experience run a little bit more smoothly. This is because the user can be uncertain as to whether or not they are permitted to have a ... Read More

How to Add a Comma after the First Word in Each Cell in Excel?

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 07-Jul-2022 13:40:13
Adding commas manually in specific places within cells may be a pretty good idea when you deal with numerous cells inside your spreadsheet data. After the first word in a list that was randomly produced in Excel, it is highly typical for there to be an absence of commas in the data. This is particularly true in situations in which the data is copied from word editors. but, when you deal with a vast amount of data, you have to discover a better approach to do it or come up with a different way to do it manually.You have the ... Read More

How to Convert Multiple Rows to Columns in Excel?

Pradeep Kumar
Updated on 07-Jul-2022 12:56:27
Let's assume you already have a list of data with many rows that only has one column in an excel sheet, but you want to convert these data to multiple rows and columns, you can achieve this using an Excel formula.Step 1Let’s consider the following list of multiple rows data and try to convert those data into multiple columns and rows using excel formula.Step 2Let’s choose an empty cell (C1) in which we will store the first data of the list of data and type the following formula in cell C1 and press Enter.=OFFSET($A$1, (ROW()-1)*3+INT((COLUMN()-3)), MOD(COLUMN()-3, 1))Step 3Now we get ... Read More

How to be a Champion Scrum Master!

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 21-Jan-2020 07:53:30
Do you like to be at the center stage when the management showers the praises and appreciates with thundering applause? Of course, those are the golden moments that everyone is dreaming about. But, is it easy to be a champion without adequate knowledge and skills? No, not at all. You should have all the required skills to excel.And when we talk about a role like Scrum Master, which is widely misunderstood and misinterpreted in many organizations, how come, a person effectively play the role and it’s responsibilities and becomes a champion scrum master, isn’t it challenging?Let’s discuss how you can ... Read More