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Contributed Questions
varun, asked 8h 47m ago
Suppose currently I am using a MySQL database say ‘XYZ’. I want to get the list of MySQL tables along with the type of table that is stored in the database other than current database i.e. ‘XYZ’.
varun, asked 9h 56m ago
I have saved some tables in MySQL database. Now, I want to analyze the current status of tables in that database, is it possible to do so by writing a command on MySQL server?
varun, asked 14h 13m ago
I am having data stored in MySQL table and want to bring some of the data into a .CSV(Comma Separated Values) in my computer hard disk. Which query should be written to do the same?
varun, asked 1d 9h ago
Suppose I have a database named ‘ABC’ which has several MySQL tables stored in it. I want to get the detail of the character set used by these tables.
varun, asked 1d 10h ago
I am storing the date and time value both in a DATE datatype but MySQL is evaluating only the date part along with a warning.
varun, asked 1d 12h ago
 I have dates stored in MySQL table and want o take out some part of a year, month or day or even time based on some condition(s) from that. How can I use EXTRACT() function with MySQL WHERE clause to do so?
varun, asked 1d 14h ago
I want to insert today’s date along with time in a column of MySQL table when I insert NULL values in other columns.
varun, asked on 16th Feb, 2018
Which method, property or statement should I use in JavaScript to return a value? I want to return a value from a function in JavaScript.
varun, asked on 16th Feb, 2018
I am new to JavaScript and getting an overview these days. What are functions in JavaScript and what is its syntax? I want to learn the usage of JavaScript functions.
varun, asked on 16th Feb, 2018
What do you mean by runtime errors in JavaScript? I want to learn when runtime errors occur and what can be the causes?