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Perform Animation on CSS line-height property

How can I animate the line-height property?

Usage of CSS grid-auto-flow property

With CSS, how can I work with the grid-auto-flow property? How can I work with it correctly? The following is my grid:

Animate CSS column-rule property

I want to animate the column-rule property, to make it look like:

How to repeat linear gradients with CSS

With CSS, how can I repeat linear gradients like this:

Set a delay for the CSS transition effect

I want to set a delay for the transition effect. Which property or method is to be used to in CSS to achieve this?

How to create fading effect with CSS

Which property should I use in CSS to create fading effect like this:

Add transparency to the background with CSS

With CSS, how can I add transparency to the background? Which property or method should I use in CSS to achieve this?
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