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Contributed Questions
varma, asked 13m 16s ago
I want to add a handler in MySQL stored procedure that can send a default error by using SQLSTATE and along with that it also departs the execution.
varma, asked 2h 38m ago
I have some stored procedures and functions in a MySQL database named ‘ABC’. I want to get the list of stored procedures only along with the complete details about them.
varma, asked 4h 15m ago
I have installed MySQL server on my computer system. Now, I want to make a new account for a user. Which MySQL command can be used to create a new user account? Is it possible to use INSERT INTO statement for setting up a new user account?
varma, asked 20h 28m ago
Suppose currently I am using a MySQL database say ‘XYZ’. I want to get the list of columns in MySQL table that is stored in the database other than current database i.e. ‘XYZ’.
varma, asked 21h 37m ago
I want to change MySQL user password for a user say ‘user@localhost’. How is it possible to change it by using UPDATE statement?
varma, asked 1d 21h ago
I have created a table with VARCHAR, CHAR, TEXT datatype along with binary character set. Now, how the conversion of these data types will take place?
varma, asked 1d 22h ago
I want to store invalid dates in MySQL table. Do I need to use any SQL mode for doing the same?
varma, asked 2d 0h ago
From a particular date, I want to know which quarter of the year is right now then is there any function with the help of which I can find so.
varma, asked 2d 1h ago
I have date column in a MySQL table then how can I store date such as 30th February in it?
varma, asked on 16th Feb, 2018
 With JavaScript, how can I work with a return statement? Is the usage of return optional? The following is my javascript function: ,