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Contributed Questions
seetha, asked 6h 6m ago
Suppose I have a database named ‘ABC’. I want to get the detail of its default character set.
seetha, asked 6h 37m ago
I have the value in datatype like DATE, TIME, DATETIME, and TIMESTAMP but want to convert that value in another format like EUR, ISO, JIS etc. I am using GET_FORMAT() function for this purpose but want to know that can I combine this with other functions like DATE_FORMAT() and STR_TO_DATE() function.
seetha, asked 8h 38m ago
I want to get the part of a particular date say ‘2017-05-15’ or current date then is it possible with the help of MySQL function?
seetha, asked 10h 14m ago
I am using the unit of time like ‘2 days’ with MySQL INTERVAL keyword but getting an error why is it so?
seetha, asked on 16th Feb, 2018
Why the keyword “use strict” used in JavaScript? How can I declare it in JavaScript? How the “strict” and “non-strict” mode different in JavaScript?
seetha, asked on 16th Feb, 2018
What is the actual usage of a debugger? I want to learn how to debug my JavaScript script using Firefox web browser. What are the steps to be followed?
seetha, asked on 9th Feb, 2018
Can anyone explain how to convert String to number and number to String in Java using Java methods, with an example?
seetha, asked on 9th Feb, 2018
What is palindrome? How to check whether the given string is palindrome? Please explain with an example.
seetha, asked on 9th Feb, 2018
How to get a substring of a particular string in Java. Can explain with an example. 
seetha, asked on 9th Feb, 2018
How can I compare two Stings in Java? Explain with example.