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Contributed Questions

Bootstrap alert-danger class

What is the role of alert-danger class in Bootstrap? How can I work with it to create an alert?

Nested media lists with Bootstrap

How to set nested media lists in Bootstrap?Which class is to be used for this?

Create a small button with Bootstrap

With Bootstrap, which class should I use to create a small button? You can learn about the difference between the size of buttons below; I want similar small button:

How to use Bootstrap Collapse Plugins

With Bootstrap, how can I work with the collapse plugin?What is its role?

Disable a button with Bootstrap

Which class is to be used in Bootstrap to disable a button? The difference in disabled button should look like the following example:

Create a light-blue alert box that indicates some information with Bootstrap

I want to create an alert box like the following example to set key information to an element:

Bootstrap Glyphicons

What are the Glyphicons in Bootstrap?  How can I work with them correctly?

Animate Bootstrap progress bar

How can I animate progress bar in Bootstrap? I want to animate the following progress bar added using progress class:

Bootstrap class Jumbotron

What is the usage of jumbotron class in Bootstrap? How can I work with it correctly?

Bootstrap table-condensed class

How to use the table-condensed class in Bootstrap? What is its role? I want the following table to be visible on my web page:
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