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Contributed Questions (105)

Websites every Java developer should bookmark

What are the top websites which One can refers to learn java from core to advanced level?

A closer look at Java "Hello World" program

Being new to Java, I want to understand a basic Java program. How it works? And what should we consider while writing a Java program.

how to shuffle a 2D array in java correctly?

I want to shuffle a 2D array. Is there any method in java library all ready to do the same.

What are the methods of an array object in JavaScript?

I am learning JavaScript these days. Which all methods of an array object are available in JavaScript? I want the list of those methods.

How to generate Prime Numbers in JavaScript?

With JavaScript, how can I generate prime numbers? I want to generate prime numbers from 1 to 20 using JavaScript.

How to convert a boolean value to string value in JavaScript?

I want to convert a Boolean value to string value. How can I achieve this using JavaScript? What is the easiest way to achieve this with JavaScript and which method should I use?

How to make a text italic using JavaScript?

With JavaScript, which method is to be used to make the text italic? Let’s say the following is my JavaScript variable declaration: , I want to change the style of the following string to italic: “Demo Text”.

What are the properties of a boolean object in JavaScript?

I want to learn about the usage of the Boolean object. What properties does it support? An example stating the usage of the Boolean object would work great for me in understanding the concept of Boolean.

How to calculate the nth root of a number in JavaScript?

Which method should I use in JavaScript to get the square root of the following numbers: ,

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