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Contributed Questions (105)

How to compare two dates with JavaScript?

With JavaScript, I am displaying two different dates: , How can I compare these two dates?

How to add new value to an existing array in JavaScript?

With JavaScript, how can I add a new value to my array? The following is my array: , I want to add a value “water” in the same array.

Java string case change sample code examples.

How to change the case of the word from upper to lower and from lower to upper?

Java String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder Tutorial.

What is the difference between String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder classes in Java explain briefly?

Difference between StringBuffer and StringBuilder.

What is the significance of the StringBuffer and StringBuilder classes, what is the main difference between them.

How do I determine if a String contains another String in Java?

Can anyone explain with an example how to find whether a particular string contains another string?

Java String equals() method.

What does the equals() method of the Java String class does? Can anyone explain with an example?

Java program for String Concatenation.

Can anyone explain the string concatenation with an example?

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