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How to get the number of the internet host port for the current page in JavaScript?

With JavaScript, how can I get the number of host port? Which property or method should I use in JavaScript to achieve this for the current page?

What is the role of the window.history object in JavaScript?

In JavaScript, what is the use of the window.history object? Is it related to the history of links? Can I use it to reach the next and back page of the web browser?

What are the different types of MySQL GENERATED COLUMNS?

I am using MySQL GENERATED COLUMNS for sorting the data of my table. I want to know about various kinds of this new MySQL feature.

How can we create a MySQL recurring event that executes after a specified time period and ends after a specified time period?

I want to build a recurring MySQL event that must execute after some specified time period and also ends after a specified time period. Can I get any example to build such MySQL event?

How can we use a MySQL subquery with FROM clause?

I am using the SELECT statement for fetching the records from a particular MySQL table. Is it possible to use a subquery while fetching the values from a table with the help of SELECT statement?

What is the use of MySQL SOUNDS LIKE operator?

I want to know about the possibility of doing a search, with the help of MySQL functions, from MySQL table based on the same sound values.

How can we stuff a string with another one using MySQL functions?

I have a string stored in the column of a MySQL table. I want to pad another string with it on either side i.e. towards its left or right. Which MySQL function can be used?

How can MySQL COALESCE() function be used with MySQL SUM() function to customize the output?

When MySQL SUM() function is applied to a column containing no values then it returns NULL as output. I want to customize this output to return 0 at the place of NULL.

What happens if the value of number ‘N’ in CONV() function is not as per accordance with its base?

I want to know how MySQL evaluates the conversion if I’ll provide a number, to convert, not according to the base provided.

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