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Unloading tables in SAP HANA database

I have two tables loaded in HANA db and they are joined. Total size consumed in db is 30GB. When I unloaded both the tables it is still showing space 5GB space in the database. Can anyone tell me what could be the cause of this?

Using method getBPLIST() to get list of all orders in SAP Business One

In SAP Business One, I am using SOAP UI to use the B1WS/WebReferences WSDL's. There is a method getBPlist() that can be used to get all Business Partners, however, I want to see a list of all orders in the system. How can I check this?

RFC or BAPI for displaying change documents in SAP

We want to enable any JAVA monitor system to display change documents. Is there any RFC/BAPI to display change documents without adding any ABAP FM in SAP server? I tried using RFC_READ_TABLE to read CDPOS and CDHDR table, however, querying  CDPOS is time consuming as it contains a lot of entries.

Comparing SAP ABAP Field symbols and data reference with Pointers in C

Let us compare SAP ABAP field symbols and data references with the Pointer in C programming language, following points are observed: In C programming, we declare a variable "var" type "integer" with default value "5". The variable "var" will be stored somewhere in the memory, and say memory address which holds this variable is a "1000". Now we define a pointer "ptr" and this pointer is assi.....

Parsing IDoc files to extract information from SAP system

We are currently running an ERP system that doesn’t support any way of communicating with SAP. We are planning on communicating with a partner that is running SAP. There is a need to extract the necessary info out of the IDOC files ourselves. How can we do the parsing of IDoc files to extract information from SAP system?
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