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Contributed Questions
Fendadis John, asked 11h 6m ago
I am using MySQL COALESCE() function and want to know that how MySQL evaluates the output if first of the argument of this function is blank.
Fendadis John, asked 16h 30m ago
I want to add a new string with the value stored in the column of a MySQL table. Is it possible to do with the help of MySQL function?
Fendadis John, asked 18h 50m ago
I want to know that in when MySQL FIELD() function will return a 0 as output. 
Fendadis John, asked 1d 11h ago
I want to know the number of bits of a particular string in MySQL. Which MySQL function should I have to use for getting such kind of output?
Fendadis John, asked 1d 13h ago
Suppose if I am having duplicate data or data having some same values then what query have to be written to eliminate the duplicate values in result set.
Fendadis John, asked 1d 16h ago
I want to know about the names of the columns in an existing MySQL table.
Fendadis John, asked 1d 18h ago
How can we distinguish between PRIMARY KEY constraint and UNIQUE constraint? 
Fendadis John, asked on 16th Feb, 2018
I have applied PRIMARY KEY constraint along with AUTO_INCREMENT then how MySQL reacts on trying to delete PRIMARY KEY constraint from that column.
Fendadis John, asked on 16th Feb, 2018
I want to set some sort of limit for the data that goes into MySQL table, how it can be done?