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Contributed Questions

How to use Bootstrap Button Plugins

With Bootstrap, how can I work with the button plugins? What is its role?

Create an extra small button group with Bootstrap

With Bootstrap, how can I create an extra small button? Which class is to be used to achieve this?

Fade in tab with Bootstrap

How can I fade in a tab using Bootstrap? I want the same effect as this:

Bootstrap Panel with List groups

I want to set panels in Bootstrap with list groups. How can I achieve this?

Set small modal in Bootstrap

I want to set the size of the Bootstrap modal to be smaller that the default. How can I achieve this? The following is the demo modal I want:

Bootstrap thumbnail class

How can I set the thumbnail of an image in Bootstrap with a border like below: Consider the following as my demo image: ,

Usage of Bootstrap navbar-fixed-top class

What is the role of navbar-fixed-top class in Bootstrap? How can I work with it effectively?
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