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Contributed Questions (1426)

What is the importance of the order of Columns in the SET clause of UPDATE statement? Will it make big difference in result set returned by MySQL?

I am using MySQL UPDATE statement to change the existing values in table. I want to that will it make any difference if I’ll change the order of columns written in SET clause of UPDATE statement.

How can we specify default values in MySQL INSERT statement?

For inserting the values in MySQL table, I can use INSERT INTO statement but how can I write INSERT INTO statement for inserting default values in a particular column of MySQL table.

How can we know the repetition of a value in column with the help of group function COUNT(*) and GROUP BY clause?

Suppose if I am having duplicate data or data having some same values then what query have to be written for getting the information about duplicate data.

How can we use MySQL SELECT statement to count number of rows in a table?

I have a MySQL table and some records have also been stored in that table. I only want to get the total number of rows in that table as output.

How can we get sorted output based on multiple columns?

I want to obtain the data, collectively from more than column, stored in MySQL table but that data must be in a particular sorting order i.e. either in ascending or descending order.

How can we fetch one or more columns as output from a MySQL table?

Suppose if we have five columns in MySQL table but we only want to access data stored in two or three columns of that MySQL table then which MySQL statement can be used to serve the purpose.

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