What is Test-Driven Development (TDD)?

Vineet Nanda
Published on 30-Nov-2021 07:21:44
Test-driven developmentTest-driven development, abbreviated as TDD, is a software development technique in which the test cases are defined to specify and prove what the code can do. That is, test cases for each functionality are developed and tested first. If the test fails, then a new code is written to ... Read More

What is Localization Testing? Example Test Cases & Checklist

Vineet Nanda
Published on 30-Nov-2021 07:15:29
Localization TestingLocalization testing is a software testing approach that examines a program's behavior in relation to a particular location, locality, or culture. The goal of localization testing is to ensure that a software's linguistic and cultural characteristics are acceptable for a certain location. It is the process of adapting software ... Read More

What is Keyword Driven Testing?

Vineet Nanda
Published on 30-Nov-2021 07:09:35
The rising demands of Agile and DevOps have changed the overall concept of traditional testing. Now, companies need testers with diverse skillsets and more experience in the field. Teams need to operate flexible automated testing tools to create maintainable and scalable UI tests instantly.Testers use a series of operations to ... Read More

What is Interoperability Testing in Software Testing?

Vineet Nanda
Published on 30-Nov-2021 07:04:28
A Quick Overview of Interoperability TestingInteroperability is defined as the combination of the words inter and operable.Inter means "between us, " "inside us, " or "mutual."Operability refers to a person's ability to complete a task.Combining the two concepts, interoperability refers to the capacity of two (or more) systems to fulfill ... Read More

GUI Testing Tutorial: User Interface (UI) Test Cases with Examples

Vineet Nanda
Published on 30-Nov-2021 06:24:52
What is a GUI?For a computer application, there are two sorts of interfaces. The Command Line Interface (CLI) is a program that allows you to write text and have the computer reply to it. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a method of interacting with a computer that uses graphics ... Read More

ERP Implementation Life Cycle

Vineet Nanda
Published on 30-Nov-2021 06:20:31
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and it is designed to automate any job. ERP makes it simple to administer all departments from a single database. This takes very little time and is a simple and quick method of working. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a foundation system for domestic ... Read More

End-to-End Testing Tutorial: What is E2E Testing with Example

Vineet Nanda
Published on 30-Nov-2021 06:16:36
End-to-End TestingEnd-to-End testing is a software testing approach that verifies the complete software, including its interaction with external interfaces, from beginning to end. End-to-end testing examines the entire software for dependencies, data integrity, and connectivity with other systems, interfaces, and databases in order to simulate a complete production environment.It checks ... Read More

Different Types of Software Testing

Vineet Nanda
Published on 30-Nov-2021 06:08:55
Testing is the process of running a software and looking for flaws. Our program must be error-free in order to work effectively. If the testing is completed successfully, the program will be free of any faults.Testing PrinciplesAll tests must satisfy the customer's needs.To make our software testing more efficient, we ... Read More

Defect Management Process in Software Testing

Vineet Nanda
Published on 30-Nov-2021 06:04:09
A bug is the result/consequence of a code error.Software Testing DefectA software defect is a difference or divergence in the software program from the end user's or original business requirements. A software defect is a coding fault that results in inaccurate or unexpected outputs from a software program that does ... Read More

Cost Estimation Models in Software Engineering

Vineet Nanda
Published on 30-Nov-2021 05:46:00
A software cost estimating methodology is an indirect metric used by software professionals to estimate project costs. They're utilized for a variety of things. It contains the following items −Budgeting − The most desired capability is for the overall estimate to be correct. As a result, the first focus is ... Read More
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