Using datatype/element for destination in SAP ABAP

Amit Sharma
Published on 14-Dec-2017 08:18:59
You can use RFCDEST.RFCDEST statement specifies the destination value for a Remote Function Call connection and gateway information.Supported Job Types:This statement are optional for the following job types:SAP Batch Input SessionSAP Business Warehouse InfoPackageSAP Business Warehouse Process ChainSAP Data ArchivingSAP Event MonitorSAP Job CopySAP Process MonitorSAP R/3Basic DataTable  RFCDES  Destination ... Read More

Debugging a failed Insert statement in SAP ABAP

Rahul Sharma
Published on 15-Dec-2017 05:43:08
Note that in SAP ABAP, sy-subrc == 0 means success. You can use breakpoint before your INSERT statement to ensure if it is a success or not. You can check the possible return value by bringing cursor on it and then press F1 key.Try checking if/else branch in your code ... Read More

Generating range of numbers 1…n in SAP HANA

Published on 14-Dec-2017 08:10:52
You can use For loop as below:FOR START_CID IN 1..1000 DO    INSERT INTO "TEST_TABLE" VALUES(START_CID, ''); END FOR;You can also use a Generator like this:INSERT INTO "TEST_TABLE" SELECT GENERATED_PERIOD_START as CID, '' as CNAME from SERIES_GENERATE_INTEGER(1, 1, 1001);Read More

Using &gt operators in SAP HANA

Johar Ali
Published on 15-Dec-2017 05:49:03
You probably need to use cdata sections in your query. The term CDATA means, Character Data. CDATA is defined as blocks of text that are not parsed by the parser, but are otherwise recognized as markup. The predefined entities such as <, >, and & require typing and are generally ... Read More

Getting Error message “Object doesn't support property or method 'attachEvent'” in IE11 to call SAP system

Johar Ali
Published on 14-Dec-2017 07:40:56
Note that attachEvent is no longer supported in IE11 and you should use addEventListner that can be used to bind specific function to an event.In older versions of IE, you can use like this:object.attachEvent(event, pDisp)Parametersevent [in]Type: StringA String that specifies any of the standard DHTML Events.pDisp [in]Type: ObjectThe Pointer that ... Read More

Linking ABAP Dynpro screen elements to program variables

Amit Sharma
Published on 14-Dec-2017 10:36:42
You can make the connection by using the name of Global variables. A Global variable can be defined by using this code:DATA matnr TYPE MATNR-> to create a global variable matnr. You can define DDIC structure or table like Tables: MARAIn Screen Painter, you can reference of fields of table/structure ... Read More

How does jQuery.filter() method work in jQuery?

Ricky Barnes
Published on 16-Dec-2017 09:21:39
The jQuery filter() method will return elements matching a specific criteria. The following are the parameters for the jQuery.filter() methods, S.NoParameterDescription1criteriaThis specifies a selector expression, or one or more elements. These elements are returned from a group of selected elements.2function(index)This specifies a function to run for every element. This is ... Read More

How to change first and last elements of a list using jQuery?

Ricky Barnes
Published on 16-Dec-2017 09:09:19
To change the first and last elements of a list use the eq() method.ExampleYou can try to run the following code to change first and last elements of a list using jQuery:Live Demo<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <script src=""></script> <script>    $(document).ready(function(){    $("#list li:eq(2)").after($("#list li:eq(0)"));  });     </script> </head> ... Read More

Internal Table itab declaration in SAP and difference between both the declarations

Rahul Sharma
Published on 14-Dec-2017 07:31:53
As per my understanding, the key difference between two statements is that in first you are reserving memory space for storing 5 lines of the customer_tab table.If you consider performance, the 2nd statement should be better.

Inserting Array list into HANA database

Published on 14-Dec-2017 10:19:31
Try using below code:ExampleInteger[][] myarray ={ {1}, {1, 2}, {1, 2, 3, 4, 5} };    String test = "Insert Arrays";    stopWatch.start(test);    myDBconn.setAutoCommit(false);    Statement stmt = myDBconn.createStatement();    stmt = myDBconn.createStatement();    stmt.execute("TRUNCATE TABLE Schema.Table1");    // Running a loop over our array of arrays    for ... Read More