Different platforms where SAP HANA Studio can be installed

Published on 05-Feb-2018 17:25:52
SAP HANA studio client is available to run on variety of platforms. Following Operating systems can be used to run HANA Studio client tool:Microsoft Windows x32 & x64 versions with availability for −Windows XPWindows VistaWindows 7Windows 8SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SLES 11: x86 64-bit versionRed Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.5Mac ... Read More

Default location for installation of SAP HANA Studio

Published on 05-Feb-2018 17:26:31
You can install SAP HANA studio on Linux platform without Root user. In Windows platform, you can perform the installation without administration rights but it will be available only to the user who has installed it.Default Location on Window Platform: C:\Program Files\sap\hdbstudioDefault installation Location under MAC OS: /Applications/sap/hdbstudio (old) or ... Read More

SAP HANA Modeling on top of row and column base tables

Published on 05-Feb-2018 17:27:59
In SAP HANA, Data modeling can only be performed on Column store tables. You can’t select Row store tables while create data modeling views on top of HANA database. In below pic, you can see it only shows all column store tables to add in Data Foundation layer of a ... Read More

How to convert a String to an int in Java

Published on 05-Feb-2018 10:01:27
Following example is converting a String to int.ExampleLive Demopublic class Tester {    public static void main(String[] args) {       String intString = "1234";       int value = new Integer(intString).intValue();       System.out.println(value);    } }Output1234

Running OLAP queries in SAP HANA

Published on 05-Feb-2018 17:30:20
When you have to run an OLAP query that perform sum of Sales in table with where clause in Country=’US’.Select Sum(Sales) from FCT_SALES where Country=’US’; It storage type is a column based storage in memory cells all the values for Sales will come together in database and when an aggregation ‘Sum’ ... Read More

How to avoid Java code in jsp page?

Published on 05-Feb-2018 10:00:08
You can use JSTL, JSP Standard Tag Library or EL, Expression Language to avoid scriptlets.

Running an OLTP query in SAP HANA

Published on 05-Feb-2018 17:31:08
When you have to run an OLTP query just to display the specific records, In row based storage, when you run a Select statement all the different datatypes come together so it will be much faster to run a SELECT statement in Row based storage.Select * from FCT_SALES where Country=’US’;When ... Read More

Different Aggregation functions in SAP HANA

Published on 05-Feb-2018 17:31:38
In a general scenario, it is advisable to store the table as Column store when you have to run complex OLAP queries. OLAP queries include complex calculations and different SQL aggregation functions are used in the query.Select Sum(Sales) from table_name where Column1=’ABC’; Aggregate Functions include −Sum() - returns the sum of ... Read More

Difference between StringBuilder and StringBuffer in Java

Published on 05-Feb-2018 09:59:06
StringBuilder is non-syncronized and thus is not threadsafe whereas StringBuffer is syncronized and threadsafe. But StringBuffer is slow in comparison to StringBuilder because of synchronization overhead.StringBuffer should be used in the multithreaded environment whereas if only local variables are in scope or thread synchronization is not needed, StringBuilder is preferred. ... Read More

Different table symbol in SAP HANA database

Published on 05-Feb-2018 17:34:14
In SAP HANA Studio, you can check the table type from table symbol under Schema. In below snapshot you can see the different symbol for row table and a column table.TEST_Row − Row store table.SHOPFACT − Column store tableTo change the table type, you can use alter table command.Alter table ... Read More