How to rename multiple files recursively using Python?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 26-Dec-2017 10:33:15
You can use os.walk to recursively walk through the directory and subsequently use os.rename to rename the files.Exampleimport os def replace(folder_path, old, new):     for path, subdirs, files in os.walk(folder_path):         for name in files:             if(old.lower() in name.lower()):     ... Read More

What is the difference between /* */ and /** */ comments in Java?

Published on 29-Dec-2017 08:53:09
Multiline comments (/* */) are used to comment multiple lines in the source code. Example Live Demo public class CommentsExample { /* Following is the main method here, We create a variable named ... Read More

How to rename directory using Python?

Rajendra Dharmkar
Published on 26-Dec-2017 10:30:02
You can rename a directory in Python by moving it using the shutil module. The shutil.move(src, dst) moves the directory from src to dst. If you just change the name of the directory without specifying the path, you'll basically be renaming it.For example>>> import shutil >>> shutil.move('my_folder', 'new_name')The above code ... Read More

How to write multi-line comment in Java?

Published on 29-Dec-2017 08:51:53
Multi line comments in Java start with /* and end with */. You can comment multiple lines just by placing them between /* and */. /* Hello this is the way to write multi line comments in Java */ Example Following example demonstrates the usage of ... Read More

Difference between SAPUI5 controls and HTML5 Controls

V Jyothi
Published on 27-Dec-2017 09:57:21
SAP UI5 controls plan to conform to existing control standards such as screen reader support, high-contrast theming and keyboard handling. The SDK provides more than 400 UI controls which range from basic elements to complex UI controls.Also, SAP UI 5 Controls support data binding which is not supported by HTML5.The ... Read More

Difference between SAP ERP and a DBMS system

Sravani S
Published on 27-Dec-2017 10:00:35
On a very basic level, a DBMS is a method for looking at something. For ex. SQL Server, MySQL, and others. It is basically a program that lets you communicate with databases.Database management system is a product which sorts out information in a database, gets information, controls and manipulates information. ... Read More

How to write single line comment in Java?

Published on 29-Dec-2017 08:50:47
To comment a particular line just place ‘double back slash (//)’ before the line as shown below. // Hello this line is commented Example Following example demonstrates the usage of single line comments in Java. Live Demo public class CommentsExample { public static ... Read More

Interfacing database to external parties in SAP system

Ramu Prasad
Published on 27-Dec-2017 10:02:40
Interacting directly with SAP databases is not considered a good programming practice. As SAP database is nothing but a normal database, it can interact in any way like any ODBC technique - ADO.NET or other.Remote Function Calls can be used to make calls to databases. ERP Connect supports RFC and ... Read More

Using ControlAggregation in SAPUI5

Govinda Sai
Published on 27-Dec-2017 10:08:56
“ControlAggregation” refers to the target aggregation to which the mapped view is added.As Specified in the use case below:"routing": {    "config": {       "routerClass": "sap.m.routing.Router",       "viewType": "XML",       "viewPath": "sap.ui.demo.nav.view",       "controlId": "app",       "controlAggregation": "dummy",     ... Read More

What are comments in Java language?

Giri Raju
Published on 29-Dec-2017 08:49:23
In general comments in any programming language helps make the source code readable, compiler neglects these comments. Java supports three types of comments – Single line comments − Using these you can comment single lines. The compiler ignores everything from // to the end of the line. Multiline comments ... Read More