What are the applications of data mining?

Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:17:00
Data mining is the process of discovering meaningful new correlations, patterns, and trends by sifting through large amounts of data stored in repositories, using pattern recognition technologies as well as statistical and mathematical techniques.It is the analysis of observational datasets to discover unsuspected relationships and to summarize the records in ... Read More

What is shared memory in the OS?

Bhanu Priya
Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:16:22
Shared memory system is the fundamental model of inter process communication. In a shared memory system, in the address space region the cooperating communicate with each other by establishing the shared memory region.Shared memory concept works on fastest inter process communication.If the process wants to initiate the communication and it ... Read More

What are the aspects of data mining for Biological Data Analysis?

Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:14:43
There are the following aspects of data mining for biological data analysis which are as follows −Semantic integration of heterogeneous, distributed genomic and proteomic databases − Genomic and proteomic data sets are generated at multiple labs and by various methods. They are distributed, heterogeneous, and of a wide variety. The ... Read More

What are the roles of the user interface and kernel of an operating system?

Bhanu Priya
Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:14:20
When the user wants to give an instruction to the OS then it will do it through system calls. Or a user program can access the kernel which is a part of the OS through system calls.It is a programmatic way in which a computer program requests a service from ... Read More

What is the role of data mining for the Telecommunication Industry?

Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:12:27
The telecommunication industry has quickly evolved from providing local and long-distance telephone services to providing several other comprehensive communication services, such as fax, pager, cellular phone, web messenger, images, e-mail, computer and Web data transmission, and several data traffic.The integration of telecommunication, computer network, the Internet, and several other means ... Read More

What is process termination?

Bhanu Priya
Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:11:54
A process is a program in execution and it is more than a program code called as text section and this concept works under all the operating system because all the task perform by the operating system needs a process to perform the taskThe process executes when it changes state. ... Read More

What is the role of data mining in the retail industry?

Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:09:43
The retail industry is a major application area for data mining because it collects huge amounts of records on sales, users shopping history, goods transportation, consumption, and service. The quantity of data collected continues to expand promptly, especially because of the increasing ease, accessibility, and popularity of business conducted on ... Read More

What are the components and functions of the UNIX OS?

Bhanu Priya
Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:09:28
UNIX is one of the most popular operating systems on multi-user systems. Actually, it originated as a single-user system. It has limited structuring.UNIX OS consists of two separable parts which are as follows −System programs.Kernel.Now, let us see the architecture of UNIX.Unix ArchitectureUnix operating system architecture is divided into four ... Read More

How data mining can help financial data analysis?

Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:07:30
Financial data collected in the banking and financial market are relatively done, reliable, and of huge quality, which supports systematic data analysis and data mining. Therefore it can present a few typical cases which are as follows −Design and construction of data warehouses for multidimensional data analysis and data mining ... Read More

What is Workflow Testing in Software Testing?

Vineet Nanda
Published on 30-Nov-2021 07:30:45
With the increasing global competition, it is now essential for organizations to adopt and follow better test strategies and processes to validate the quality and functionality of the software. To ensure this and gain benefits from the software, they need to adopt new and better testing techniques, to test the ... Read More