Reading the contents of SAP structures from outside using RFC

Monica Mona
Published on 20-Dec-2017 17:40:56
It seems you are confused with the definition of structure. The structure does not contain any data. They just type definition.If you want to return or receive a structure as a parameter, that can be done using RFC.

Usage of subqueries in internal table as condition in SAP ABAP source code.

karthikeya Boyini
Published on 20-Dec-2017 17:39:30
Note that if you specify an OPTIONS parameter with parenthesis, it will show an error. When you use Where (itab)In this case, itab has only one field with type C and shouldn’t be longer than 72 characters. “Itab” must be specified in parenthesis without any space between parenthesis and table ... Read More

Difference between Internal tables, structures or work areas in SAP ABAP

Sharon Christine
Published on 20-Dec-2017 17:35:15
Internal tables − Internal tables are a means of storing data in the fixed format in working memory of ABAP. The data is stored line by line. So it is necessary for the data to be in a fixed format. Generally, they are used to store data in database tables to ... Read More

Difference between SE01, SE09 and SE10 Transactions in SAP

Swarali Sree
Published on 20-Dec-2017 17:32:02
Both SE09 and SE10 were used in earlier releases of SAP for different purposes.SE09 – This was used for development of transportsSE10 – This was used for customizing the transports request. When you run SE10 in SAP ERP, you will get the same screen as in T-Code SE09 of Transport ... Read More

Difference between an SAP ERP system and DBMS

Samual Sam
Published on 20-Dec-2017 16:34:32
DBMS or Database Management system is basically the tool/interface required to manage the database.  For example, SQL server or a tool like MYSQL workbench is a DBMS. A DBMS is mainly used by or designed for technical people.ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) is a complete system with one database and ... Read More

Difference between SAP BAPI and BAdi and Customer Enhancement vs Customer Modification?

Sai Subramanyam
Published on 20-Dec-2017 16:32:51
BAPI It is a short form for Business Application Programming Interface. It is a simple API used for business operations. It can be simple module function provided by SAP or it can be developed by the user as well. BAdI This is an abbreviation for Business Add-Ins. These are customer ... Read More

How to Find out the source code of a transaction in SAP?

Lakshmi Srinivas
Published on 20-Dec-2017 16:28:32
First, go to System → Status to find the program name. Now use the transaction SE38 or SE80 to view the source code.Alternatively, you can activate the debugging mode before running your transaction by keying in /h.

How to Fetch source code of the transaction note in SAP R/3?

Monica Mona
Published on 20-Dec-2017 16:24:20
If you ever need to fetch the mapped program with a transaction, you need to call the transaction SE93. It will fetch you the program and variant of the selection screen.Now, if you need source code then you can use the transaction SE38 or SE80. If you also require Dynpro ... Read More

How to connect to an SAP module?

karthikeya Boyini
Published on 20-Dec-2017 16:15:01
You can create RFC function module and then call this function module from outside. You can create RFC using T-Code SE37You can use the following link to know more about using RFC function module: tells about how you can create an FM in SE37 in Target system enabling Remote-Function Enabled ... Read More

Difference between class alv and function alv in SAP ABAP?

Sharon Christine
Published on 20-Dec-2017 16:07:44
Class alv and Function alv are different in terms of features. Below is the difference:Class alv are secured as compared to function alv.While using class alv, it improves the performance.With use of function alv, you can create screens using function module however you need to call separate programs to generate ... Read More