Generating result of SAP transaction automatically

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:33:39
There are different approaches that you can follow −First approach would be that you schedule a job and send the result to a mailbox instead of printing it. Then you can use any programming code to read that email and export in desired format.Other approach would be to check available ... Read More

Checking implementation of interface IF_EX_IDOC_CREATION_CHECK in SAP ABAP

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:29:15
IDOC_DATA_CHECK – This method is used to check IDoc Data to see If an IDoc is Generated.You can check documentation of this interface IF_EX_IDOC_CREATION_CHECK by using T-Code: SE24 or SE80You can refer this Method by using this syntax: CALL METHOD IF_EX_IDOC_CREATION_CHECK=>methodname EXPORTING/IMPORTING...Now come to you issue, an Exit statement takes ... Read More

Creating context for JNDI in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:27:34
You have to use following properties while running tests outside java.naming.provider.url={our nw host}:50004

Uploading data to SAP via WebService using WCF in C#

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:25:33
I think you should try using long properties as it is one of closed way to get to achieve this.

SAP doesn’t accept extension tags generated from wsdl for Web Services

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:23:35
Note that when you map XML schema to C#, it is recommended to map this to class inheritance. As per my understanding, you want to copy extended properties to generated classes however I don’t think you can find any tool to achieve this.I think this should be handled by transforming ... Read More

Getting information in MS SharePoint workflow from SAP

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:17:39
There are many tools which offer this function for SharePoint. Try using BCS Business Connectivity Service and LINQ to get data from SAP to SharePoint list and then use that data in workflow.To write your own custom workflow, you can check this link:Custom Activity Workflow for implementing Item Level Security ... Read More

Align items to center not working in SAPUI5

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:15:35
If you want a quick solution then you can use basic CSS properties like padding for left or right to align the content. Use relative percentages so that it works in both the views.Other way which looks ideal is that define a custom CSS. Then you need to add this ... Read More

How can I update a third party database outside SAP after completing a Transaction?

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:14:07
As you need to make some changes to happen when an activity gets completed in SAP, I would suggest you to go for services. Services are the best way to communicate when you are dealing with two discrete systems.Firstly you need to create a program on SAP side which can ... Read More

How to create a list in SAPUI5?

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:13:23
I have gone through your code and it looks your list binding is incorrect. When you bind your data, your data should be in a JSON array format.  Please find below the updated working code.Examplevar oModelData = [   {Animal: "Kangaroo", Zoo: "Sydney"},   {Animal: "Tiger", Zoo: "Melbourne"},   {Animal: ... Read More

How can I transfer data from SAP HANA to virtual table?

SAP Expert
Published on 25-Dec-2017 19:12:05
You are making a basic mistake over here. A VORA virtual table does not support the traditional INSERT or UPDATE or DELETE statements. If you are planning to make any modification to data from VORA itself, then you need to use the APPEND command to add data or files to ... Read More