How to convert an integer to a unicode character in Python?

Published on 08-Feb-2018 23:29:44
Python library’s chr() function converts Unicode character associated to any interger which is between 0 an 0x10ffff.>>> chr(36) '$' >>> chr(97) 'a' >>> chr(81) 'Q'

How to convert a single character to its integer value in Python?

Published on 08-Feb-2018 23:28:17
Each character is associated with an ASCII value which is a unique number. It is obtained by ord() function.>>> ord('A') 65 >>> ord('+') 43 >>> ord(' ')

How we can create a dictionary from a given tuple in Python?

Published on 08-Feb-2018 23:26:43
We can use zip() function to produce an iterable from two tuple objects, each corresponding to key and value items and then use dict() function to form dictionary object>>> T1=('a', 'b', 'c', 'd') >>> T2=(1, 2, 3, 4) >>> dict((x, y) for x, y in zip(t1, t2))Dictionary comprehension syntax can ... Read More

How do we convert a string to a set in Python?

Published on 08-Feb-2018 23:25:20
Python’s standard library contains built-in function set() which converts an iterable to set. A set object doesn’t contain repeated items. So, if a string contains any character more than once, that character appears only once in the set object. Again, the characters may not appear in the same sequence as ... Read More

User rights required to make a call to SAP RFC Function Module RFC_SYSTEM_INFO from JAVA application

Rahul Sharma
Published on 19-Dec-2017 15:26:03
When you use Java connector you need basic authorization to read metadata of Function Module. S_RFC is an authorization object for the RFC call.This object contains the following fieldsRFC_TYPE Type of the RFC object you want to protect. You can pass the value 'FUGR'- function group) or 'FUNC'- function module.RFC_NAME ... Read More

Is it required a configuration in SAP SM59?

Swarali Sree
Published on 19-Dec-2017 17:03:32
If you are only calling a Remote Function Module in SAP system, you don’t require any configuration in SM59.Considering a scenario where your SAP system has to call a function in the C# application, then you need to configure RFC destination using SM59. You can Transaction for defining HTTP destinations- ... Read More

Can we get same features in SAP ABAP as they are in VS?

Lakshmi Srinivas
Published on 19-Dec-2017 17:25:17
If you want to show all the occurrences of a variable in an ABAP program, you can use a shortcut- ctrl+shift+F3 or you can also make use of Yellow icon at the top.

In SAP system, how can I find details of Change Request with modification?

Swarali Sree
Published on 19-Dec-2017 17:41:33
You can view Transport request that contains detail about your changes by going to T-Code SE37. You have to enter the name of Function Module and click on Utilities → Versions → Version ManagementAlso note that when you don’t put the changes in $TMP package, the system will ask you ... Read More

How to build a java web application using SAP platform and HANA database?

karthikeya Boyini
Published on 20-Dec-2017 14:26:30
You would require to change the file of your local Tomcat Server (Server > Java Web Tomcat 8 Server-config/config_master/connection_data), to point to the HANA database.Here are the usual parameters that need to be configured for HANA javax.persistence.jdbc.url=jdbc:sap://<host>:<port>/?reconnect=true&autocommit=false javax.persistence.jdbc.user=db-user javax.persistence.jdbc.password=db-pass More

Using memory analyzer in SAP

Sai Subramanyam
Published on 21-Dec-2017 14:01:16
There are lots of free and proprietary tools to do the same. You can use Memory Analyzer project done by SAP. It lets you find memory leaks against in-memory objects via simple SQL statements. Also, you can use JHAT (Java Heap Analysis tool) command line tool to examine the memory. ... Read More