How effectively is the Indian government dealing with cyber crime?

Dev Kumar
Published on 03-Jan-2019 06:58:04
The term 'cybercrime' is actually non-existent in any law or legislation in India although the phenomena itself is widely recognized for what it is - any crime that is committed using a computer system. To deal with such crimes, the Indian Penal Code 1860 is good enough and other legislations ... Read More

Do you agree that no subject is boring if taught skillfully?

Dev Kumar
Published on 03-Jan-2019 06:48:52
There's no doubt about it but we must not forget that the aptitude of the learner is also a critical factor in this matter. For instance, mathematics isn't everybody's cup of tea and for those who don't have the mental attributes to think through the problems that mathematics solve, it ... Read More

How to convert a small brand into a big one?

Dev Kumar
Published on 03-Jan-2019 06:43:57
Don't we all dream of doing that someday? After all the startup craze is about building brands in super quick time and many startup entrepreneurs have actually succeeded in doing just that. Take the case of Oyo Rooms, which was founded by an 18-year-old youngster, Ritesh Agarwal back in 2011 ... Read More

Is GST killing some small businesses?

Dev Kumar
Published on 03-Jan-2019 06:40:03
From the perspective of small businesses, GST has been a nightmare so far. Now, which kind of small businesses are suffering due to the impact of GST? I would say all kinds because GST has disrupted the entire supply chain of the SME sector. Take the case of certain categories ... Read More

Why is it difficult for a boy's parent to accept their daughter-in-law?

Dev Kumar
Published on 03-Jan-2019 06:35:15
I fully understand the reason for such a question arising in the mind of a young bride but that kind of generalization needs to be avoided because there are many homes where the daughter-in-laws are treated with a lot of love and respect. On the flip side, there are also ... Read More

How do you imagine world after 100 years?

Dev Kumar
Published on 03-Jan-2019 06:32:17
After a hundred years means 2118. Well, the earth would not be the only world where humans would be living. Human habitation on Mars would a few decades old by that time and easier and safer travel to and from Mars will be the challenge that mankind would be dealing ... Read More

What are the new guidelines for polythene bags by the government?

Dev Kumar
Published on 03-Jan-2019 06:29:17
The NGT (National Green Tribunal) recently banned the use of all forms of disposable plastic material, in Delhi and most of it is packaging material and disposable plastic cups used by street-side tea vendors. Prior to that in 2016, the union environment ministry announced new guidelines for manufacture and use ... Read More

How to explain Android Shared preferences with example?

Nishtha Thakur
Published on 03-Jan-2019 06:55:53
Using share preference, we can store or retrieve values as key and value pair. There are five different methods are available in share preference as shown below −Edit() − It going to edit shared preference valuescommit() − it going to commit shared preference values in xml fileapply() − It going ... Read More

What is the best answer to the question about your biggest weakness?

Dev Kumar
Published on 03-Jan-2019 06:25:40
When faced with this question, don't ever go on the defensive or offensive either. If you go on the defensive you'll get nervous and might end up spilling your biggest weakness in the stupidest manner. At the same time, if you go on the offensive and try to impress the ... Read More

I heard that an intelligent techie who faced a series of rejections from marriage proposals because of his bald head committed suicide. How can I help my friend who is going through a similar situation?

Dev Kumar
Published on 03-Jan-2019 06:23:23
It's a real pity to see a precious human life getting wasted in a suicide, that too for a trifle. Yes, being rejected by prospective brides due to your baldness is nothing more than a trifle and what price do you set for such a trifle - your life! Wherever ... Read More